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Archangels (大天使 Dai tenshi) are the strongest class of Angels, being recognized as the "most powerful, most terrifying and ultimate weapons of Heaven against the Demons". They were created by God after He created the Ascended Spirits, making them one of the oldest beings. Creating them required such harsh conditions that Isaac Westcott could never imagine himself recreating one of them, even with the Darkness' help. Each of the Archangel was created based on the Ascended Spirits' ideas, making them their Creators besides God. As a result, the Archangels are bonded with them most out of everything. They were all created at the same time, so there was no difference about their ages. Each of them has a unique trait of their own, while also bearing the traits of their Creators.

They eventually sealed themselves within Sephira Crystals when their Creators left to live as humans, waiting for the day of reunion and the Apocalypse.


Archangel Number


Alternative Name

Spirit Partner

01 Metatron Hiro Itsuka Origami Tobiichi
02 Rasiel Miya Itsuka Nia Honjou
03 Zafkiel Saori Itsuka Kurumi Tokisaki
04 Zadkiel Miyuki Itsuka Yoshino
05 Camael Akane Itsuka Kotori Itsuka
06 Michael Mukuro Hoshimiya
07 Haniel Natsumi
08 Raphael Kenji Itsuka

Sora Itsuka

Yuzuru Yamai

Kaguya Yamai

09 Gabriel Shiori Itsuka Miku Izayoi
10 Sandalphon Akihiko Itsuka Tohka Yatogami
11 Uriel
12 Eden Rio Sonogami Rinne Sonogami
13 Kerubiel Mayuri
14 Yahweh
15 Lucifer
16 Ariel
17 Azrael
18 Chamuel
19 Jeremiel Maria Arusu
20 Jophiel Marina Arusu
21 Arkriel Wolf