Chapter 1: Meeting with the 'male' spirit.

Part 1

At a certain afternoon in Tenguu city…

The girl walked silently at the streets as the sun dyed the city with orange.

She walked silently as people on the streets looked at her with eyes full of awe or jealousy. This girl wasn't clearly Japanese walked the streets of a Japanese city with her overwhelming beauty.

She had pristine pale complexion, long flowing beautiful ash blonde hair and emerald colored eyes. Her figure seemed to be beautiful but a little petite, her figure could be clearly seen, even her figure was petite it was still normal for her age which is 16 if you look at her.

Her beauty was even enough to stop the time of many who walked the streets. She just wandered there going somewhere.

She looked high at the skies and raised her hand and then quickly got it down after a few minutes.

"Looks like I'll be fulfilling my promise to you…of not letting you go but sorry I needed to test you young man"

She muttered to herself as she walked again going to a certain place.

At that time Fraxinus detected strong spirit waves coming from the same place as the girl; she was a spirit who was now currently walking with people without causing a spacequake.

"Shidou Fraxinus will be picking you up."

That time he heard the voice of his younger sister—Itsuka Kotori in the intercom on his right ear. Shidou was currently preparing for dinner when he heard his younger sister's voice.

"Wh—what's going on…wh"

"Just get your ass here!"

She just shouted and Shidou seemed to feel something bad was happening.


He cleaned up the kitchen and quickly after that he was transported to Fraxinus and he quickly made a confused face as he saw the whole Tenguu city covered dyed in red at the screen.


"Oh Shidou you're late! A spirit just arrived a few minutes ago and just engulfed the whole city in her power…the situation is grave quickly go there and ask her on a date before the AST butts in! Make her fall!"

"It would also seem that she's going to your house for some reason, Shin."

And there on the monitor he saw the face of the girl; it was the same girl that he saw on his dreams last night, the same girl sobbing in front of the corpse of the young boy who was swimming on his own blood.

"Shidou? Shidou!"

He was called by Kotori but he didn't reply and just blankly stared at the girl walking to his house.

"That girl…I saw her on my dreams…"

"Eh? Don't tell me that you fall in love with her?"

"No…I saw her on my dreams! I dreamed about her this morning!"

"Then why don't you tell so?!"

That time the girl looked as if she was looking at Shidou who was currently who was currently at Fraxinus

"Ara it seems that he is going to meet me…"

She muttered and grinned because she knew that the boy whom she was looking for was just running behind her.

She looked around and saw multiple trees at the park and some people walking.

She turned around and smiled at a certain boy who ran to her and then arrived while panting.

"Ara isn't it a good afternoon Shidou-kun? Nice to meet you or rather to meet you again."

Quickly three choices showed up at the screen at Fraxinus

① "How did you know my name?"

② "Finally catched after you…um could you tell me your name?"

③ "what do you mean by 'nice to meet you again?"

"Everyone make your choice!"

Quickly the results were seen and it seemed that ② was the one that had most votes.

"It would seem that ③ would make her upset since Shidou-kun had a dream about her last night…"

"Yeah forgetting a beautiful girl whom you've meet just yesterday seems to be rude"

"① seems to be too straightforward and also as rude as ② but it would seem that it's a good choice"

"Shidou pick ②"

He looked at the girl seriously and opened his mouth.


"I'm Nanase, young man…"

He got his answer quickly and the girl smiled sweetly at him.

It seemed that she knew what he was going to ask and just answered before he could.

That time he heard it, a familiar sound of a spacequake alert.


"—this is not, a drill. This is not, a drill. The foreshock has been observed. The occurrence, of a spacequake, is predicted. Persons in the vicinity, please move to the nearest shelter, immediately. I repeat—"

It was a spacequake alert but still the spirit in front of him was there and not anywhere and hadn't made a spacequake but just came there on her own accord. He can't understand why did a spacequake occur but now people started running to the shelter.

The girl, Nanase frowns and then quickly sighed.

"Looks like the AST is here they did that to evacuate people around you see haa…really bad timing…Shouldn't you run, Shidou-kun?"

He just looked blankly at Nanase and didn't even run.

"Haa seriously, not running? Then I need to do this…to take you away from danger…"

She quickly raised her hand as multiple human figures were seen at the skies.

"Servant of the king Ebed melech!"

As she shouted multiple metal knights quickly showed up and one who rode on a metal horse carried him away. They doesn't seem to be living organisms due to silver flames that can be seen from the gaps of its body.

Nanase stared at the human figures that fired multiple missiles at her but she just sneered at return, the missiles changed their direction quickly and headed another way.

"Confirmed it's the Destroyer"

"Tsk what a troublesome one…get ready she could—"

Nanase quickly raised her hand and clenched it then quickly swayed it vertically, which made the whole AST team fall to the ground.

"Oh is that all you could do?"

She grinned savagely like a beast that just quickly finished her prey, but what she didn't expect was most of them stand up and activated their laser swords.

"All right! Charge quickly before She could attack us!"

Their captain, Ryouko kusakabe commanded them to charge. They quickly charged but it didn't even intimidated Nanase who just made a throwing gesture that blown the whole AST away.

They all hit one building about a few meters away.

"What power, as expected of the Destroyer it's not just a codename…she beaten us without using her angel…"

Their captain muttered as all of them tried to break free from the rubble that was made when they hit the building; but it was useless Nanase clenched her hand into a fist and held them in the air and then throw them away.

After that multiple missiles was fired but she didn't care because just by a simple sway of her hand the missiles had their direction altered and then exploded to a place where there was no people.

The knight came to her carrying Shidou who just blankly stared at her.

"This power…is the reason why my hands are cursed and had killed…maybe in another time Shidou-kun?"


"What is it, Shidou-kun?"


He stared at her as the knight let him go down and then it quickly vanished like a bubble in the air.

"We'll meet again…well since they saw my face they're going to really kill me then you…sorry for troubling you goodbye…see you in another day"

He couldn't understand what she was saying that time so he just stared at her with his eyes full of awe.

That time he saw the lifeless eyes of the girl in front of him. It was eyes that didn't had a light of life of them and looked artificial even with its beautiful emerald color. Even she smiled he knew that it was just a mask for her true emotions sealed deep inside her, he could tell just by looking at the beautiful maiden, a transcendent beauty whom just enticed him again, who stole his heart, attention, mind for another time.

She was quickly engulfed in a silver light as she smiled and quickly Shidou reached for her but it was too late she just vanished in the thin air.


She was gone in the thin air.

Part 2

Shidou walked to school with Tohka who was looking at him with a look full of worry. He couldn't still forget the transcendent beauty that he met yesterday and had been thinking about her since he woke up.

"Shidou…are you alright?"


Tohka asked empathetically as she gazed at Shidou who was beside him but Shidou didn't even reply to her.


She tugged Shidou's sleeve but it was useless he didn't react he seemed like he was in trance but when Tohka poked his face he reacted.


"Muu..Shidou why are you ignoring me?"

"So-sorry for that Tohka…"

"Say Shidou is there something wrong?"

"Nothing, Tohka…"

"Well then let's go!"

Tohka dragged Shidou to Raizen high quickly after that.

That time he can't help but to smile as Tohka smiled at him.

They didn't notice a single girl standing a few meters behind them; it was exactly the girl whom Shidou was thinking of that time, Nanase.

"Ara what's happening to you Shidou-kun?"

She then watched the two go to their school.

She muttered silently as she turned around and quickly her eye color turned normal brown from its usual.

Shidou and Tohka got to their class quickly after that. As usual the class was rowdy in the morning but they seem to be more rowdy this time, some of them are chatting about the new transfer student but Shidou didn't even paid attention to them instead he gazed at the skies still thinking of the girl. He can't explain why but still he thinks of her and he can't stop doing that. He still felt the same sensation from his hand even it was a day ago.

He took a glance at the back of the class and saw the Yamai sisters happily chatting with some students from the class, he suddenly smiled because he saw them happy after sealing them a few months ago.

"Itsuka did you hear about the rumors about the new transfer student?!"

"What is it Tonomachi? New transfer student?"

"Oh come on Itsuka the rumors say that the new transfer student was—"

Suddenly Okamine Tamae, their adviser entered the room with smiling a smile of happiness and enthusiasm as usual but what Shidou didn't expect was the thing that will happen next.

Meanwhile Tonomachi left and smiled at Shidou.

"O-okay, has everyone settled in?"

She asked cheerfully to the class, seeing the class was settled she smiled more.

She quickly tilted her head and smiled at the door; she seems to remember something and nodded happily.

"Oh right, before we take attendance today, I have a surprise! —Come in!"

Quickly a very beautiful girl entered the room; she was a familiar girl from a month ago.

She smiled happily after seeing Shidou who was currently astonished for the current situation, and then she waved at him happily as if he was the only one in the room.

"I am Izayoi Miku; I'll be under your care! Especially my darling…please take care of me!"

It was exactly Izayoi Miku, the spirit who hates males and treats females as slaves fit to serve her was now going to a school for boys and girls even she hates men. The class became rowdy due to her but she paid no heed and just focused on Shidou who was wryly smiling that time.

She quickly approached Shidou who was sitting in between two girls Namely Origami and Tohka. Origami quickly glared at her but Miku just smiled meanwhile Tohka just made a weird face after seeing her.

"Ara darling I've missed you…that's why I'll be with you this time…"

The class became more rowdy as they heard what Miku said and the boys' glares were now focused on one guy. He can feel the piercing glares of the boys and some were saying 'fuccccckkkkk! That Itsuka has another girl!', 'A monster! A monster! Itsuka's a monster!', then some of them cried and said 'I'll have a girl friend this year!'

Tonomachi heavily glared at his friend and said, 'Fuck! FUUUUUCCCCK! Only a dead Itsuka is a good Itsuka! Even Miku-tan?!' it would seem that the boys release some kind of aura near killing intent.

"Mi-miku?! Why are you here?"

"Hmm why is your face like that? Didn't you know that I missed you?"

"th-that' not…it"

"Ah yes I did tell you that I still hate men but for my darling I'm ready to get used to this pollution filled environment…that's how strong my love for you is and also most of my 'rivals' are here…so I'm not letting them get the advantage of having the same school as you so I transferred…say could you show me around?"

"I guess so…"

Miku quickly hugged Shidou which made the whole class more rowdy and made Tohka look like she was filled with mixed Melancholy and anger and Origami was glaring at Miku and so does the Yamai sisters.

Miku after glaring at the boy in front of Shidou which made him leave; and then she sat on the seat and then the whole day progressed quickly.

After that tiring morning Shidou walked home with Tohka. The sun again dyed the whole city orange, which made Shidou think about her again, about the girl whom he has been thinking all day. Yes Miku had distracted him today but still he still can't forget the girl whom he met, the spirit with such lifeless eyes.

Tohka even she was full of sadness asked Shidou who was now again in a trance like state because of the girl whom he met yesterday.

On the side note due to some reasons Miku didn't accompany Shidou today and the Yamai sister said that they wanted to visit a shop in Akihabara and needed to do something.

"Shidou are you really all right? I've been asking you since morning but you don't seem to be alright"

"Nn…I'm alright…"

"There might be something wrong?"


Seeing that Tohka was worrying for him, he smiled at her but still he couldn't stop thinking about the spirit whom he met yesterday and then quickly he collided with a young boy with black hair and the same brown eyes of his.

He carried boxes but now it was scattered around due to hitting Shidou.

"Will you watch your way more young man? Don't you know that I'm in a hurry?! Can't you look at the road at times?!"

"Uh sorry, sorry Hehehe I should have been more careful"

He said as he looked directly at the eyes of a boy and saw the same lifeless eyes just like Nanase, the spirit whom he met yesterday. The boy seemed to be angry at him and shouted at a tone of anger as he stood up and got the boxes he dropped.

He had a petite figure of that a female but one could tell that he was a male due his face and his features. He quickly stood up and fixed his clothes and glared at him. This boy in front of him seem to have an age as same as him but he spoke like he was older than him.

"Are you all right Shidou?!"

Tohka quickly helped him and the boy wanted to turn but he was quickly stopped by Shidou.

"Uh sorry for that, I'm Itsuka Shidou"

Shidou extended his hand intending a handshake but the boy refused and looked away from him.

"Who needs your apology, I don't want to hear that from a filthy person who doesn't care about others…"


"Who gave you the rights to speak to me?"

The boy heavily glared at him but he doesn't intend to kill Shidou, as no killing intent is released. The boy turned around but Shidou touched his shoulder but quickly he was surprised by the feeling of his body; He felt the same sensation he felt when he touched Nanase's hand.


"Is there something wrong? Oh well since you gave me your name in respect of that I'll give you mine, I'm Shinsou Yuuki."

The boy seemed to have calmed and sighed heavily after looking at Shidou and Tohka.


"Is that so? Then I'll be going on then, Shidou-ku—"


"No-nothing I'll be going then!"

Shidou cast suspicious eyes to the young boy who almost had the same voice as Nanase for a split second. He also obviously called Shidou, 'Shidou-kun' which is the way Nanase referred to Shidou.

Tohka and Shidou continued to walk home but Shidou doesn't seem to calm and wanted to quench the thirst of curiosity, curiosity about the young boy whom he met a few moments ago. Tohka still had a look of worry but still she didn't ask Shidou if he's alright simply because she knows that he will answer her with the same answer, the same 'I'm alright' that he always replied to her.

Shidou was still thinking why he felt the same feeling that he felt touching Nanase's hands when he touched the shoulder of the boy and he couldn't be wrong he heard the voice the same as Nanase and that came from the mouth of the man, Shinsou Yuuki. He couldn't stop himself from leaving Tohka and knowing the truth behind the young boy who had the same feeling as Nanase, the spirit whom he met yesterday.

He resolved himself he wanted to know why and for some reason he can't think of something else so he smiled at Tohka and opened his mouth. But suddenly he felt guilty leaving the young black haired girl who was with him and who had a look of worry on her face.

"Tohka I'll be doing something just get home without me Ok?"

"Muu…Shidou I'll be coming with you…"

"No…It's ok…don't worry promise me to go home ok?"

Shidou pat Tohka on the head and smiled at the Tohka who was now frowning in sadness.

"All right…but promise me that you'll come home ok?"

"Yeah…I'll come home safely…bye!"

He felt guilty for leaving Tohka but still he needed to know the answer to his questions so he decided to take actions, he started to run the opposite direction.

He ran looking everywhere for the young boy whom he met a few minutes ago.

He looked for him and finally saw him buying walking around and just leisurely looking at the stalls around the shopping district of Tenguu city.

He leisurely walked around the shopping district as Shidou followed him without him noticing but suddenly he vanished and Shidou couldn't see him anywhere around the shopping district.

He began to run quickly, frantically looking for the boy with such lifeless eyes.

"Oh, aren't you the student a few minutes ago? Why are you frantically running around? Finding your girlfriend? Or are you a yaoi?"

He heard a voice behind him prompting him to look behind him and there he saw the young boy whom he met a few minutes ago.

"Oh I already get it you are a yaoi!"


"Oh so you're up to something right? Itsuka Shidou, a young boy who loves wasting my time I'll be leaving…please don't breath, your polluting my surroundings don't you know that?

"Ho-how'd you know my name?"

"Yeah I know your name so what? And saying it you introduced to me."

The boy answered at a mocking tone as if he sees Shidou as a lower being than him. Shidou for some reason had seemed to forget about what happened a few minutes ago. He turned around intending to leave but Shidou quickly touched his shoulders and stopped him from doing so.


"Oh so you really have a plan for me, get your filthy hands off of me!"

The man, who was now full of anger removed Shidou's hands from his shoulders.


Shidou was at a loss of words and can't think of the next course of action.

"Hmm so you are a yaoi?"

"Wh-what did you say?!"

"Repeat. You are a yaoi right?"

"I'm not a yaoi!"

"Then why did you chase after me? It seemed like a love in first sight story where one boy falls for another…or do you think I'm a girl? I just acted said my name in respect you know? And you now think you could do that?!"


"Sorry to get you disappointed man, but even with this slender arms and this body of mine I'm still a man."

He quickly got Shidou's hands and removed it from his shoulder and then he quickly got away.

Even so Shidou still chased after him and blocked Yuuki's way.

"All right what are you even doing?"

"I'm here to talk to you."

"You don't know what dangers are up for you so you better get away—"

"What do you mean?"

"Haa looks like your pretty clueless…"

The young boy sighed in tiredness and tried to leave again but Shidou blocked his way and even he wanted to leave Shidou still blocked his way.

Yuuki heavily glared at Shidou who had a serious expression on his face, Shidou really didn't want the young boy to leave.

"What are you even trying to do, stopping me from away?!"

After Yuuki said that his stomach made weird sounds.

"Eh um…do you know some parfait stores here?"

Shidou for some reason smiled wryly as the boy who was angry at him is now asking him if there are any parfait stores around.

"Let's eat first what do you want?"

"All right but I'll pay for it. Hmm I would want to eat at a restaurant through. Is there any nearby restaurants of any kind here?"

"Of course, let me show you around"

"Thank you young man. Now let's go. But I'll make myself clear, I'm just speaking to you at a polite language because you are showing me around."

Shidou led the young boy to a nearby restaurant but he suddenly stopped and closed his eyes.

"What is that?"

He used his index finger to point at a certain stall that sells Takoyaki.

"Oh it's Takoyaki"

"Hmm I can smell the octopus finely cut inside"

Shidou couldn't help but to be amazed of Yuuki's sense of smell because he can smell the octopus in the Takoyaki even it's about 20 feet away.

"You want to try it?"

"Hmm maybe? I do want to try some Japanese food"

They silently walked to the stall and bought some Takoyaki.

"Hmm seemed like it's eaten with tuna flakes, sea weeds, dark sauce…hmm interesting"

Yuuki looked at the Takoyaki with a weird curious gaze as he skewers it.

"Wait I'll pay for it"

Shidou reached for his wallet but he was stopped by Yuuki.

"As I as said I'll pay for it."

He reached for his wallet and got money from it from his wallet.

Shidou quickly glanced at the man's hand and saw that it was emanating a faint silver light.

He got money from his wallet and paid for the food.

They sat at a bench at the park where they ate the Takoyakis that Yuuki paid.

Yuuki quickly skewered the Takoyaki then eat it quickly an ecstatic expression was seen from his face, and for some reason Shidou couldn't help but to say he's cute even he's a male.

"So Yuuki how old are you?"

"Why? Then you are really a yaoi? That means you're a hypocrite?"

"I'm not a hypocrite!"

"I'm more that 16 years old, young man"

"Is that so? So what do you think of japan? Why did you come here?"

Yuuki looked at him with a weird expressionless gaze and look to the skies.

"Do you believe in something? Do you have something to protect? Me? I came here to protect someone simple because I believe in him. I will always believe in him because only he can do it. Only he can change this world covered with a sky full of grief and pain that persecutes all that they reject such people who were just tied in a cursed fate. No matter what that people do they will still be rejected but that boy is different he accepted them. His belief in them changed them."

He seemed that he was talking about the spirit, which made Shidou be filled with utter confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"It's simple, I believe in him and I wanted to protect him from what evils he will face but still I got to stay away from him and make him stay away because if he gets near me, his life would be in danger...but that means treating him bad but I need to be with him a few moments to meet him more…"

He stood and looked at Shidou with eyes that were like they were looking at him directly from another world.

"Yatogami Tohka's coming be sure to treat her…or else her mood will be…and also treat the others. Treat your girls Yoshino, the Yamai Sisters, Miku and your cute little sister—Kotori. A polygamous date is fun when you do it the same place the same time… this is just a reward for you young creature…I have given you the reason to live this day so be happy…hmm?"

Shidou dropped his jaws in flabbergast as Yuuki reached for Shidou's hand and firmly grasped and gave him something.

Yuuki got away as his hands emanated a silver light and walked the direction where Tohka was coming from and he gave her violets.

"Tohka-san, this is from Shidou he said he loves you…"

Shidou smiled wryly at the boyin front of him but still It's kind of weird that even his words are full of emotions he still had that expression devoid of emotion making him a very weird kuudere mixed with a tsundere.

He quickly left and Tohka weirdly stared at him and looked at the flowers.

"Shidou! Shidou! Thanks for the flowers!"

She approached the flabbergasted young man.

Part 3

"Commander we have detected weak spirit waves coming from the park! And it's very near to Shidou-kun!"

"Eh? Get the surveillance video from there!"

Kotori quickly commanded and quickly the surveillance video of Shidou being with a young boy with a female' s petite figure but still one could still could tell his gender.

"It seemed that the boy that was with Shidou is the source of the spirit waves…?


Kotori shouted in flabbergast because she can't believe what she was seeing.

Until now all the spirits whom they met were females including Kotori herself.

"Did you detect any disturbances or any alerts?"

"It appears that there are none."

"Hmm so there's a high possibility of that he came on his own will but are you even sure that he's a spirit?"

"It's confirmed that the spirit waves no matter how weak came from him"

"But that's weird really weird"

"But still there would be a high chance that the spirit is just cross dressing…?"

"That would be ridiculous Kannazuki. Why would the spirit cross dress?"

"Then what would be our plan commander?"

Their conversation was cut by one of the crew. Thinking about it they needed a new plan since how would Shidou make a male fall for him who has the same gender.

"Hmm that would be simple—Shidou would cross dress again that is to make him fall!"

"I think we should ask Shin about this first"

Reine beside Kotori said in a sleepy voice as she slowly yawned.

"You're right Reine but still our main plan is to make him cross dress for that man."

Shidou was quickly summoned to Fraxinus after meeting Yuuki.

Kotori looked at the main screen with serious eyes as Shidou walked silently behind her.

"Oh Shidou you're late!"

Shidou scratched his cheek in reply and looked at the monitor…where the video of Shidou and Yuuki is being played.

"What is this Kotori…?"

"Can't you see that It's you having a date with a person of the same sex?"

"I was just showing him around!"

"Oh Shidou don't deny it. It's a truth that can be clearly seen. Setting that aside, I'm going to be straightforward, your male friend is a spirit."

Shidou's expression turned into a bewildered on as soon as he heard what Kotori said.

"You…mean Tonomachi?"

"Ha! To think that you're a brainless jellyfish you Idiot! How could he be a spirit! The one whom you 'dated' was the spirit!"

"EH?! You mean Yuuki's a spirit?!"


Kotori heavily sighed and looked back to the monitor.

"But if he's a male then how could he be possibly interested on me?"

"Good my brainless jellyfish onii-chan is finally having a brain…now that is the question how? But don't worry I have considered that you have the same gender and I do have a countermeasure."

"Countermeasure…? Don't tell me that…again…"

Shidou made a weird expression as Kotori looked at him. Cold sweat began to flow from his forehead as he felt something weird is going to happen to him again.

"But before that It would seem the Mistress or should I say Nanase, is lost but it seems to be too weird that another spirit would come after only a few hours."

Kotori viewed the battle between the AST and the Mistress as Kotori calls her.

"The Mistress also known as the Destroyer has the strongest and widest spacequakes ever created it killed lives of thousands and destroyed many properties. That is the reason why she was called Destroyer. Other than her existence nothing is known about her."

Reine explained quickly as Shidou reminisced the dream that he had a few days ago. He still can't forget about the girl who had beautiful ash blonde hair and emerald eyes that made the stars paled in difference. She was the only one whom he knew who had that overwhelming beauty.

"Commander my preparation is ready"

Said Bad marriage Kawagoe who was standing near Kotori.

"Don't worry Shidou-kun this will be faster than what you expected!"

President Mikoto assured the Shidou who was now trembling in fear for his senses warned him something bad would happen.

"Shidou-kun, what do you want your long hair last time or the new ones?"

Asked Straw Doll(Nail Knocker) Shiizaki while holding numerous wigs.

"Oh what accessories should I add? Hmm maybe I should add a little more?"

Said On Probation Minowa.

"Now with that discussed let's go to my countermeasure! You are cross dressing again!"

Kotori enthusiastically said and then she smiled at Shidou who was now stepping backward intending to leave.

"No-not again hahaha…d-don't tell me Hehehe…no way I know he's male but no way!"

He tried to run to the teleporter but quickly Kawagoe and Nakatsugawa was behind him. Shidou was surrounded by multiple people who emitted a terrifying aura that was so close to killing intent.

Shidou was now asking the gods for help but they didn't respond and quickly faster than his eyes could see, his clothes were now removed by Kannazuki who just appeared in front of him.

"Oh don't worry it would be full of pleasure Shidou-kun"

Kannazuki spoke like a molester as he approached Shidou.

"Kotori this is your countermeasure?! Again do I really need to do this?!"

Shidou pleaded to Kotori but it was useless she just smiled and just like the last time she thumbs-up to Shidou and made a very cute and beautiful smile but it seemed like it was the smiled of the grim reaper taking Shidou to afterlife.

"Oh hello again my Onee-chan—Itsuka Shiori"


Shidou screamed in agony as they changed his clothes and his whole body was being touched by the Fraxinus crew. He sounded like a young girl being molested by a number of individuals.

After that Shidou viewed himself at the mirror.

"Haa here we go again…what the hell are you?!"

Shidou looked at the mirror just like a month ago when he needed to get near to Miku.

"Oh you look nice, Shidou!"

"Kotori, you people! Why do I have to do this!?"

Shidou complained as he looked to the mirror again, a mirror that reflected a beautiful young girl. That girl had long beautiful silky hair that reached her waist and eyes that had a coffee like color, her body was slender but still one could say that it was just enough for her. For the breast they used special chest padding and then covered it with bra and they exactly copied the look and the shape of a C cup young girl also due to Ratatokr's technology the breast's feel was very real making him remember the time he needed to cross dress to get near Miku. Shidou was now currently wearing a beautiful dress, the body curves was hidden by a simple jacket that he wore. One could really couldn't resist to look at this young maiden—Itsuka Shiori who was in truth Itsuka Shidou. Her hair also had a head band and a simple wristband.

His face was slightly covered with foundation and his eyelashes were curved by the use of the eyelash curler and his body hair was shaved again leaving Shidou's smooth white skin. With this everyone would say that Shidou really is a girl if you look at him.

"Hmm she looks better on a dress. Well we did a good job on her, I mean him"

"I almost fell in love with Shid—eh Shiori-chan."

Kotori looked at him with an inquisitive stare.

"I think you need to train how to act like a girl again and also how to apply make-up…Shiizaki, Kawagoe!"


They quickly heard footsteps coming into a room and then suddenly she came into the room.

"Nii-sama? Are you here? Eh? Kotori-san?"

It was Shidou's blood related sister, Takamiya Mana who just joined Ratatoskr for the sake of getting close to her brother—Itsuka Shidou whom is currently in front of her, cross dressing.

"Oh Mana what are you doing here?"

"Hmm…I just want to give this to Nii-sama."

Mana held a simple box in her hand. She looked at Shidou weirdly

"Oh is that so?"

"Eh Kotori-san who is that?"

Mana didn't even recognize Shidou cross dressing and that made Shidou looked down dejectedly. One the side note, it's no surprise that Mana wouldn't recognize Shidou cross dressing because she didn't even saw him cross dressing during the time that Shidou needed to cross dress to get near Miku.

"Ahem, Mana it's me Shidou…"

"Uh Kotori-san what is she saying? She's saying that she's Nii-sama"

"She is my Onee-chan."

"What?! You have an older sister?!"

Mana was now full of flabbergast as she looked at Shidou cross dressing.


He screamed with his lovely voice of a female that was changed with the voice changer developed by Ratatoskr.

"Nii-sama?! Why are you wearing such thing?!"

Shidou's hand met his face as Mana asked, meanwhile Kotori was giggling due the situation.

"A few hours ago a male spirit appeared."


Part 4

Yuuki sat there at the park looking around and enjoying the surroundings. He took pictures of his surroundings with the camera that he was carrying.

His eye color quickly changed to emerald green.

"Hmm it would seem that they still can't notice me…good I'd better of doing it far away from him…"

He muttered with a voice belonging to a female, the same voice as the girl whom Shidou met a few days ago.

He just sat there and waited for someone, a certain boy whom he wants to meet this day his eyes quickly changed into brown.

Shidou quickened his pace thankfully he wore shorts that made it a lot easier to move around even if he was cross dressing.

Meanwhile at Fraxinus the whole crew prepared for the date of the male spirit.

"Target is sitting at the park and seemed like he's waiting for someone."

"All right this is the right time, now let's begin our battle(date)!"

Shidou arrived at the park and saw the young boy sitting at a single bench.

"Good luck Shiori."

"Don't call me by that name!"

Shidou quickly retorted after getting teased by his younger sister.

He arrived in front of the bench and met the young boy who still seemed to be expressionless.

"Hmm who are you?"

"Shidou wait."

Three choices was quickly shown at the screen at Fraxinus

① I'm Itsuka you know Itsuka Shidou? I'm tring to find him hehe I'm pretty lost...

② Well I'm just a passerby going around…

③ I'm pretty lost so would you show me around? It's a good morning…with the sun shining brightly and everything seems to be peaceful.

"Everyone make your choice!"

The results was quickly seen and seemed that ① got the most number of votes.

"② would be out of the question. Why would Shidou run to Yuuki if he's just a passerby?"

"③ would make him pity Shidou, the choice request for help who could resist a request from such a beautiful girl?"

"No ①should be the choice! Since He already knew Shidou from yesterday, he might help the young girl!"

"All right Shidou, pick ①"

Shidou looked at him with serious eyes and began to open his mouth.

"I'm Itsuka you know Itsuka Shidou? I'm trying to find him hehe I'm pretty lost..."

He suddenly heard beeps from the intercom but he ignored it and continued.

"Ara ojou-chan, why are you speaking to me? Who gave you the permission to speak? Also I wouldn't want to waste my morning accompanying you around finding a boy who doesn't seem to care…Also saying it he seems to be nice but that guy's hasn't catched my interest…a guy who's not worthy of my presence…and I only helped him since he did showed me around."


"Stop speaking don't you know that the air around you carries pollution? Stop moving or doing something you're destroying the environment…creatures like you should just die…"

Then quickly he heard more beeps from his intercom.

"Shi-shidou it's happening again! The favorability, mental state, emotional state, mood are at a rapid decline! It's quickly dropping from neutral! It's worse than cockroaches! You heard me?! It's the worse that I have seen worse than Miku's! Wha-what is this?! This is worse that rotting!"

He can't believe what Kotori had just said.

"Shidou pick ③!"

"I'm pretty lost so would you show me around? It's a good morning…with the sun shining brightly and everything seems to be peaceful."

"I know but you're still breaking it"

Shidou grimaced at the young man; he just can't help but to do it. The young boy heavily mocked him and just sneered at him, for some reason he can't stop being angry even he usually keeps his composure but he was really angry for some reason but he exhaled and quickly his anger vanished.

The young boy slowly grinned and stood to leave but Shidou quickly stopped him.

"Where are you going?"

"It's none of your business…"

Yuuki quickly left and for some reason he grinned slowly.

"Now, how to make this young girl be angry? Haha I really like to screw up people…"

He muttered with the voice of a female but still Shidou didn't hear that.

"What are you doing Shidou chase him!"


Shidou sighed heavily and started to chase the young boy who is exactly tricking him.

"Hey, don't just run away from me!"

"Why? I have my own free will I will run away from away from you when I want to"

The young boy replied to Shidou who was chasing after him.

"Hey I'm talking to you, could you at least respect me?"

"Do I have a reason to?"

Yuuki turned around and looked directly at Shidou's eyes. Shidou clearly saw it, his eyes was full of despair even through it was hidden by his arrogant behavior he still saw the young man's eyes and that made him realize everything.

He looked down dejectedly and contemplated, he failed understanding Yuuki he never saw that he was just dragged by his emotions his anger that was why he chased him and became angry at him but he failed to understand the young man.

"Why do you treat people like that?"

"Shi-shidou what are you doing?"

He asked empathetically to Yuuki who was currently looking away and seemed like he was affected by it. Kotori seemed to be worried for him so she asked.

"Why? Because you and your kind has resented me, rejected my being…I just wanted to live happily being accepted but this world you'll be always around the wrong people…I've always wanted to be around the right people…but that would only happen in the world of fiction and fantasies…why am I saying this to you anyway?"

"Then I'll be the right person for you…If people reject you then I'll accept you no matter what"

"Who are you anyway I just met you and your being like that…"

"I came to meet you, to talk to you but what I forgot is to understand you"

"Quit this…I'll be going"

"Why? Are you just going to leave?"

"I'm leaving I still need to distance myself…fr-from…"

"Come with me I'll show you around…I'll show you the world"

The young boy looked down contemplating and then gazed at Shidou.

Inside Shidou all the memories of the spirits whom he met resurfaced.

Every moment he was there with them, every experience he had when he met them and saw their eyes full of sadness and despair, every word that he uttered to them.

He remembered them all, Tohka, Yoshino, Kurumi, Kotori, the Yamai twins, and even-Miku.

Whether something bad happened to him or whatever he did not care, he did not mind things like that being his 2nd and 3rd priorities.

He wants to save all the spirits, girls tied to their cursed fate and rejected by the whole world, now a single arrogant young boy who only became like that because of the fate given to him.

"Why should I trust you…?"

The young boy who was now full or reluctance asked Shidou.

"Because you need to…come with me"

Shidou extended his hand and the boy slowly reached for his hand and quickly after reaching it Shidou quickly dragged the young boy away.

"Where are we going?!"

"Just hold my hand!"

Shidou tightly grasped his hand and left going around.

Part 5

"Seems like the situations dire"

The old man spoke in a serious tone as he gazed at the monitor at the single dark room. The old man was practically in his late 30s and had a white beard on his face, he was wearing an expensive suit but still that old man had youthful eyes and a smile that you would usually see in youngsters. His stature was slim but you could easily see his well trained body.

"Shall I call the Minister of defense Saeki? The most rational thing is to send threats to him and stop the AST from hindering us. They have some talented people in it just like Tobiichi Origami."

The old man wryly smiled at the young girl who asked him.

"Don't do that. High chance that DEM and the AST would interfere to us and attack the Mistress, now that's troublesome but I want to see what will happen…well Nanase can practically handle them. Even that young girl is talented she still needs to learn and can't even beat her."

"I can't believe that you worked with a spirit and created that and you're going to make her use it?"

"Well, she is a genius but still the designs was mostly mine"

A Hologram screen opened up and showed multiple pictures and videos of a young Japanese man.

"He also seems to be interesting…"

"That man…"

"I know it's him…that boy is different but troublesome…even he's currently human…Itsuka Shidou."

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