Chap 2: Cross dress date!

Part 1

It was about 12:30 in the afternoon, the streets was filled with people walking around going everywhere doing things but you could easily see a good looking couple walking inside that crowd it was simply due to their overwhelming looks that made everyone around them look at them as if they were celebrities. The young man with black hair and eyes that lack light was being forcefully dragged by a beautiful young maiden who has that dark bluish hair and quite expressive eyes that had a serious look on them, they quickly increase their pace to get out of the sea of people who were looking at them.

"Hey, Shiori where are we going?"

The young man looked intently at the young young woman who was actually a young man who was dragging him out of the sea of people that was surrounding them. He asked a simple question to him but it would seem that he didn't hear him and didn't answer.

Currently the couple was walking along the Tenguu Gojuusou which was a hybrid commercial facility. It had various guest houses and indoor playgrounds and there you would quickly see multiple children by looking around, also there were cinemas and a large scale shopping centre was lined up just beside it. Due to it's newly built attractions it was frequented by a large amount of people that was composed of people living near, tourists, etc.

The young man curiously looked around at the stalls all around there as he was being dragged by her. Suddenly the young woman who was actually a young man touched his right ear with trained motions.

"Shiori where are we going?"

The young man looking intently at the one dragging him asked again in curiosity the one who was dragging him tried to open his lips but he was quickly stopped.

"Shidou wait"

His younger sister's voice was quickly heard but it wasn't in her usual cute and younger sister voice her current voice was exactly filled with seriousness in it.

Meanwhile in Fraxinus three choices was quickly seen, choices that suggested where they should go.

①"Going around of course! I promised you I'd show you to around the world!

②"to the restaurant…I'm bit hungry"

③"To the lingerie shop!"

Kotori's face quickly made a weird look as she saw the third choice on the screen but she quickly shook her head as if to banish idle thoughts that showed up on her head then she quickly looked at the crew with a serious look and opened her mouth.

"Make your choice!"

Looking beside her, the second-in-command was smiling happily with his eyes shining brightly. Kotori looked at him and she exactly knew what he was thinking, it was exactly idle thoughts that he was thinking.


"Commander we should choose ③"

"The reason is?"

"It's the first time we'll see Shidou-kun in a female's underwear! Also guys like Yuuki-kun likes…no loves daring and aggressive girls!"

His voice was quickly filled with great ecstasy that made Kotori sigh heavily and look at him with deep disappointment; also the action prompted her to snap her fingers which quickly summoned two men with muscular bodies to the bridge and carry Kannazuki away.

"Commander have mercy! Have mercy! Have mercy!"

His pleads of mercy (but it does seem that he wants it) quickly resonated inside Fraxinus as he was quickly taken away quickly the bridge was now in the midst of silence as Kotori sighed then the following sound was the door closing. Meanwhile the results showed up on Kotori's monitor, it would seem that ① was the one that got most number of votes.

"Haa really 'to the Lingerie shop' eh? That would blow Shidou's cover…but what do you think?"

"That would definitely be the worst choice considering Shidou-kun's cover is blown and we don't know what will be his reaction…So I picked ① since he did promise to show him around"

"No should be ② the right one it would give us the time to ask him some questions and get some data about him!"

"But still walking around with him gives us the same chance to get some data!"

"It's more romantic in a restaurant!"

The crew debated on the two main choices that they picked but they were quickly astounded of what they saw next. Shidou slowly opened his lips while slowly tilting his head with a somewhat shaking motion while seeing that Kotori realized that the microphone was on and Shidou heard her saying 'haa really 'to the lingerie shop' eh?' she quickly got to the microphone in a few seconds.

"t-t-t-to th-th-the…li-ling-lingerie"

"Shidou are you an Idiot?! The choice should be ①"

Shidou sighed in relief thanking that they wouldn't go to a lingerie store then he quickly tilted his head and looked directly unto Yuuki's blank eyes that didn't have a single light of life on it.

"Eh? Linger-what?"

"Go-going around of course! I'd promise you to show you the world!"

They quickly hurried going around the stalls in Tenguu Gojuusou and walked around going to different stores and trying a lot of things, but more appropriately one could say that they are just going around and just visiting stalls around the area.

"hmm..what's that?"

Yuuki suddenly stopped his tracks and gazed at a building across the store as if he saw a weird animal that was seen by him for the first time. Shidou quickly tightened his grip on his hand and smiled sweetly exactly like a young woman of his age. Yuuki too smiled in return and his eyes has now a bit of life on it that alone made Shidou more enthusiastic to make him fall for him and get him away from his old life, a life that he had a cursed fate of a spirit.

"Want to try it?"

They quickly got in to the building which was actually a gaming center Yuuki looked at the place and smiled at Shidou who quickly dragged him into a game where they played which was a multiplayer racing game.

"Are you really sure It's ok?"

"Oh come on It's ok! Let's play!"

Yuuki was quickly filled with reluctance but still Shidou pushed him into his seat and they played he was losing a bit but he was exactly winning the time he got a hang of the game. With his smiles he seemed to be thanking Shidou, the one who forced him and accompanied him going around the city; It was exactly the first time that he saw him smile truly and sincerely, it was exactly a smile which Shidou wanted to see from the young man and that's why he accompanied him.

He smiled brightly and happily and Shidou knew it was truly a smile of happiness, a smile that Shidou didn't see when he first met him. His usual behavior quickly changed from the time Shidou first time he met him to this quite shy and reluctant boy who still had a quite kuudere personality and an unexpressive face but still through the touch of time he's going to be more and more expressive of his feelings, and that was a truth that Shidou knew so he resolved himself, he knew he wanted to save him and changed him.

Shidou quickly stood after that and again dragged the young man going outside suddenly the young man asked him in curiosity.

"Where are we going next?"

"Buying food and trying stuff! Is that ok?"


Yuuki quickly nodded in agreement as they sped though the street and got to the shopping district nearby where they tried food and may other stuff.

They tried multiple delicacies that could be seen in stores; they tried onomiyaki, takoyaki, ramen, yakisoba and other stuff along the streets. The date quickly progressed finely but still Yuuki's mode ratings had only a few changes from the normal neutral but still his affection ratings are still not enough to seal his mana and turn him into a normal person.

That time Yuuki's face quickly made a weird twitch and seemed that there was something wrong and that prompted Shidou to ask if there was something wrong. Quickly Yuuki's stomach made weird noises as if saying that there was something wrong.

"Is there something wrong Yuuki?"

When Shidou asked with his lovely voice belonging to a female he quickly moved his head horizontally and smiled wryly at Shidou who was with him.

"I-I'm just going to g-get to the toilet!"

Currently the couple walked around the now quiet streets of Tenguu city as they were bathed in the illumination of the sunset's orange rays. Yuuki quickly shouted and ran away going to the toilet, quickly that time Shidou felt an irresistible force pulling him to chase after the young man that was with him.

He quickly resolved himself and chased after the young man to the toilet, he quickly got to the nearest toilet nearby and tried to find Yuuki he wasn't there auspiciously there was no one inside the men's toilet that Shidou entered so he quickly ran outside. People looked at the surreal scene before them, a young young woman has just entered a men's toilet and got out a few minutes but Shidou didn't care about the people's weird gazes and increased his pace.

Quickly Shidou has now seen a surreal scene which made him hide in one corner. Yuuki got out of a women's toilet and thankfully there wasn't anyone inside he could simply tell that because there was no screams of girls that could be heard. Shidou dropped his jaws as he saw the young man sighing in relief and looking around as if trying to see if someone is watching him, an action which made Shidou run away in confusion of the situation but he quickly stopped and thought it over.

But what they didn't know was there was someone watching them grinning in happiness it was a black haired young woman who was about 15 years old but still her face was younger than one could expect. She touched her right ear and spoke with a serious voice belonging to a professional.

"Professor, target confirmed. Send an F class assault team to make sure if he's really it and the mistress is with him."

Part 2

It was a few days ago in a black airship hovering 26000 feet above a certain city in Europe, but still no one noticed the airship simply because it was invisible and it was it was 10:30 PM. The airship was named after the giant who burned the world tree, the yggdrasil in the norse mythology, the ship's name was exactly Surtr meaning the black one in old norse.

In a single dark room that has multiple book shelves around and surprisingly there were Japanese light novels and video games among leather covered books that were placed on the book shelves. A man sat in front of a desk looking at the hologram screen displaying the pictures, information, and videos of a single Japanese boy and a young professional who had ash blonde hair and emerald eyes.

"Such a disappointment that we lost such a genius…we lost Nanase Shinsou."

The old man sighed as he skillfully manipulated the hologram screens and looked to the young 15 year old girl who was with him, standing as if she was he's assistant but in truth she was his subordinate, a loyal companion who stood beside him.

"We didn't lose Nana-chan; she left for the sake of protecting him from us, from killing him."

"Yeah, but still considering what will happen next, to this young man I'm afraid we need to eliminate him before he becomes a problem to us and to the world that has rejected me…but still this world provided me with such joy!"

"Again professor, would you start talking about your favorite light novels and anime?"

"Ahem…alright so he is the strongest spirit as my theory states a theory formulated a few months ago, and if he's a spirit meaning he could practically have a demon king…and if that's really true that's he's really the first sephira then this world is at its doom if he berserks and what happened 30 years ago might happen again…I still remember that spirit. Haa…earth's doom…"

The old man wore black glasses and had serious eyes that were highly expressive even he was old and in his late 30s he still had a youthful build a youthful look on his face but his face had a beard making him look older that he should be. The young young woman that was with him had quite long black hair and her face seems too youthful making her look younger than she should be.

"So professor Martin Milburn, what should we do next?"

The made an inquisitive stare at the old man, Martin Milburn the head of the secret organization that the young woman was affiliated with, Ragnarok corps. Although the name of the organization seems to be a name of a game or something it was still seriously a secret organization more advanced than DEM and Ratatoskr the reason is they had more advance technology than both organizations from their realizers, airships, and many more.

But unlike the other organization that appeared and debuted 30 years ago, exactly after the great Eurasia Sky Disaster they debuted and it was founded 12 years earlier and they already knew that a spacequake would happen but they didn't know that it would occur in Eurasia. They began their operations and was focused on finding spirits and doing things to either seal them or to kill them, in short a neutral organization that moves on its desires.

"Asgard Electronics has disappointed me…in failing to kill the boy but still it was needed since that idiot captured the Princess and made her use her demon king…but still Ellen was damaged so he can't do anything against the crazed Princess. That Westcott really wants to overthrow the world with the powes of the spirits but still if something happens, I'll kill him mercilessly using the Belcroft model 2.7 the…haa still not revealing it. The boy still needs to die…for the safety I'll take care of the spirits if they go berserk. And if someone hinders destroy him, her or them."

"Understood, sir. Termination of the target should be done as fast as we could also terminate every obstacles in the way just to terminate the target for the world's safety, sacrifice everything no matter what for, am I right sir?"

The young woman beside him summarized what the professor said and spoke like a military personnel, a way of speaking totally not for a young woman who's 15 yrs old.

"Yes but observed a little while and don't do reckless things as calling your team to face this send a class B élite assault team with a class A reconnaissance team, and please don't get the attention of the Fraxinus or else I would be forced to battle them using Surtr but that vice commander, Kannazuki Kyouhei-kun is troublesome going on par with me and don't get into the eyes of the JGSDF's AST or one of DEM's magicians that was around playing with the spirits haha."

The professor got his fork and ate a piece of the raspberry cake in front of him while the young girl looked intently at the cake and seemed to be saying that she wants to eat but the dense professor didn't even notice her so she resolved herself and asked.

"Yes... by the way sir could I take a seat? And eat some raspberry cake..?"

"Alright you're still 15 I remember...Sylvia I'd now be introducing you to the Tripartite"

The old man gazed at the young woman who was actually the élite of his anti-spirit group the H.U.N.T.E.R.S. a group that has more advance realizer units than the AST capable of limited reality manipulation and to materialized the thoughts of the user but in a limited state, if that alone is already advance one could say the they're better than any other anti-spirit groups in the world also including their latest technology they can practically kill the spirits. Standing beside him was one of the two elites of the anti spirit group of the Ragnarok organization, the H.U.N.T.E.R.S., Sylvia de Artemia a petite 15 year old with black hair and hazel eyes. Her citizenship is unknown.

She quickly took a seat and scarf down the raspberry cake vivaciously.

"Eh? Tripartite…oh well thanks professor-san!"

"Oh please don't call me that! Just call me oji-san or something..."

"ok, Professor-san...!"


The professor heavily sighed at the young woman whom didn't even follow a simple instruction from him.

He quickly waved his hands and manipulated the hologram screen which now displayed the designs and information about a single realized unit that has multiple wings on its back.

"I present you Belcroft model 1.45, the VG-097 Bursting Gray Valkyrie equipped with the metal cannon blade (A blade that can turn into a cannon) Calabolg specialized in one on one combat and the anti army sword, Thousand Burst used against the Mistress's Ebed Melech. A huge particle cannon Raging Furies and a spirit mana containment and absorption device the Contained Avarice and a hyper materializer Jack box and two hundred containment units for weapons and may others Black Wrath and an adaption system Evolution so what do you think?"

As exactly was stated above their prided technology is simply a technology that could transform 'Spirit mana' into 'mana' used for the CR-unit; that alone was enough to make them different from DEM and Ratatoskr, a spirit mana containment and absorption device that still isn't developed by any other.

"It looks cool professor but what about Norene-san...?"

Norene Burtson, 15 year old British citizen and one of the two elites of the anti spirit group of the Ragnarok organization, the H.U.N.T.E.R.S.

"Oh I already gave her the Scarlet slayer the annihilation unit capable of destroying a whole city in matter of minutes, in short a weapon of mass destruction more specialized than the any other. She'd be arriving in a few hours and will be joining you in Japan."

"So what's this Tripartite? And fufufufu I just realized that you have an eighth grade syndrome!"

"Shu-shut up! I don't have an eighth grade syndrome or anything! Haa…alright the Tripartite is a group of CR-units that can combine their weapons and help each other…which means that if there's only one of them they would be vulnerable but if they have each other they would be invincible…well almost invincible at the time…"

"Fufufufu but what about the Revelation? Will you let her use it?"

"Yes of course…but now get ready"

Quickly loud footsteps that seemed to be in a hurry was quickly heard outside but when the footsteps stopped the metal door quickly slide open and there was a flaxen haired girl who stood there panting and looking seriously at the professor.

"Sir the Mistress is located! Current place is point 56-2927, Siberia and is currently fighting a class SS élite assault team and a class SSS élite assault team but they're being beaten up."

"Hmm... where is the Mistress going?"

"Heading to Japan..."

"Good she might be meeting up with the boy. Sylvia get a class SS élite assault team, class SS support team and a class A reconnaissance team to help you. Emilia..."

"What is it Sir?"

The flaxen haired girl replied as the Professor stood and got a black hand held tablet from the table.

"Since you're the one nearest the two élite of our group I'm giving you the key to the third of the Tripartite aside from the Scarlet slayer and the Bursting Gray Valkyrie, the support unit Green Calladium. Accompany Sylvia in Japan and make sure you won't get caught by DEM or the AST or worst, The Ratatoskr's Fraxinus got it? Now scram and do your missions!"

""Yes sir""

They said unison and got outside to the hatches where the CR-units was located when they finished the preparations for the realizer they left in a small ship with the team ready to terminate their target.

When they left he pushed a particular button and the wall behind him made a creaking sound and it opened. Now behind him was Surtr's bridge full of a crew. He silently walked and looked at them seriously as if he was a general looking at his army getting ready for a war.

"Get ready to warp to Japan and increase the mana output to the maximum! Also get the containment field ready"


They all replied and skillfully manipulated the holographic screen in front of them.

"Sir the containment field is now ready to use!"

"Sir shall we save the mana generated by the basic realizers?"

"Yeah... now I want this ship if we get there, at a higher altitude and away from Fraxinus and if we get into battle get ready and use the energy now let us turn invisible and undetectable!"

"Sir saving all energy in progress and we're ready to warp now!"

"All right our mission is to hinder anyone or anything that would hinder Tripartite's team! Our mission is to battle Fraxinus or hinder them until they finish the mission if observations are finished..."

"Alright warping in a few seconds 12...11...10...9"

"Our mission is to kill the boy who could seal spirit powers and sometime in the future could bring destruction and pain to the world…even if I hate the world I need to take initiative so crew let's do this!"


"It was a mission which Asgard electronics had failed to do…our mission is to kill Itsuka Shidou...!"

Part 3

Shidou quickly contemplated on his current situation of seeing Yuuki coming from a female's toilet.

"How could he possibly be…?"

He could still not believe what he saw…but still he knew his eyes didn't lied to him even so he can't believe the surreal scene that he saw; quickly his heart was engulfed by skepticism that made him more skeptical every single moment that passed.

But it was banish to the depths of his heart when he heard a single voice, a voice full of happiness.

"Shiori! Shiori! Sorry for making you wait!"

He quickly turned and smiled to the young man who was running to him but that smile quickly turned into a frown.

"Tsk! Shiori run away!"

The young man quickly shouted and quickly missiles glistened in the clear skies due to the sun's illuminations; Shidou just stood there with an expression that was full of fear and bewilderment.

The missiles made contact of the area behind him, explosions were quickly seen and erupted that turned the peaceful streets of Tenguu city turn into a battle field, that said craters was seen around the area and screams of people running were quickly heard, gray smoke was quickly seen all around.

Auspiciously Shidou wasn't blown away by the chaotic explosion that was clearly enough to kill him; the reason why he wasn't blown away was due to the young man who had an unfazed expression, He smiled at him empathetically which made him a bit relieved. His eyes looked directly into his, they were the same eyes that Nanase possessed beautiful but lifeless.

"Fufufu it's time to show the truth…Shidou-kun sorry for being mendacious to you…"

Her voice calmed him and made his surroundings lose their sounds, he only heard a single voice and that voice comforted him. His short black hair suddenly got longer and longer until it reached his waist and its color changed it turned into Nanase's beautiful long and silky ash blonde hair that, his eyes clearly looked at the cross dressing Shidou and quickly from brown in turned into emerald green.

There stood in front of him was a girl that had an unwavering expression unfazed by the pandemonium around her, she quickly raised her hand gracefully as she smiled to the young man who sat there looking at her.

"—Sacred Astral Dress Seventh(Yahweh Tzabaoth)..."

Her clothes unmistakably turned into an Astral Dress, the strongest defense and the absolute territory.

-Astral Dress. The absolute armor that protects the Spirits.

Her surroundings quickly became distorted as the peaceful bright skies quickly turned into gray, quickly from the gray skies a vortex of light suddenly descended and hit her; after that from the light that engulfed her Nanase stood there looking directly at the people who were hovering in the skies. Her clothes had already changed into a very beautiful dress with the sense of majesty and dignity in it.

"Ara ara, I thought I have trained mostly of you? Shouldn't you be more prudent? There's innocent people all round don't you know?"

She spoke in a voice full of Haughtiness and seemed to be intimidating them as they fired multiple beelines that annihilated her surroundings but her face isn't still wavering due to an invisible force field hindering the beeline's way. On the side note that was clearly not her astral dress hindering the bee line's way their incursions clearly passed through the protection of her astral dress.

Shidou was almost hit but thankfully Nanase protected him and deflected the beeline and the beams that almost hit him.

"Shidou-kun, run away from here…their weapons can pass through the astral dress and even destroy mana…so even with Kotori-chan's the Ifrit's regenerative ability you won't survive. "

Shidou's clothes quickly turned into the male Raizen high uniform that he usually wears from his cross dress. Her voice was clearly heard by Shidou but all he could do was to stare at her, stare at the young young woman who wore a single beautiful gray dress with weird elongated ornaments on her heard.

"I'll have to use my angel…so run away….Servant of the king Ebed Melech!"

She shouted and quickly multiple metallic knights got out from the surroundings and quickly hindered the ones floating at the sky with their weapons. Their weapons quickly clashed and resonated around the area, some of the anti spirit team tried to target Shidou but multiple knights covered him with their shields and even themselves.

Shidou was quickly carried by one of the, he tried to get away from its tight grip but it was futile due to its strong arms so he just looked at young young woman smiling at him and seemed to be bidding him farewell.


That was exactly the sound of a spacequake alert around Tenguu city due to Nanase activating a spacequake.

Following the siren, a mechanical voice that paused after each word, probably for ease of understanding, rang out.

"—This is not, a drill. This is not, a drill. The foreshock has been observed. The occurrence, of a spacequake, is predicted. Persons in the vicinity, please move to the nearest shelter, immediately. I repeat—"

He still gazed at her but he really wanted to walk to her, to speak to her, to be with her, and more importantly to know her more.

"I believe in you so I will always protect you…"

She muttered at a doleful voice that Shidou heard that time he really resolved himself and tried to reach for her but still the knight didn't even twitch and let him go.

"Nanase! Nanase!"

"Don't worry…I won't die, run away…Manifest uriel!"

Nanase's right hand was raised in a trained motion and quickly engulfed by a silver light that quickly turned and materialized into a ring and twenty silver spheres that surrounded and floated around her wrist like the planets that surrounded the sun in the solar system.

[Miracle that holds a shape]

The thing both manifested just now was unmistakably the [Angel]. The Spirits prided strongest weapon and only thing that they could use to defend themselves.

Her hands quickly joined together and quickly Shidou saw that the anti spirit team's members collided with each other with a blinding motion and would surely damage them.

Her hands quickly made many gestures in the air that tossed the team around crazily as if they were puppets that got their strings quickly and madly pulled all around…her hand movements didn't stop there instead every moment it gets faster and faster until it reached the speed where the her hands seemed to multiply as one sees it.

"We need to get away at least half or three fourths of the city will be engulfed and destroyed."

The metallic knight informed him but he didn't believe that this knight spoke so he became perplexed and asked the metallic knight who gazed at him as he maneuvered through the air with his metallic horse that had its feet engulfed with flames.

"y-you could talk…?"

"I'm the true Ebed Melech, a knight serving my master, a servant of the king, a loyal slave that would do everything for her. My brethren are just copies of myself…now I need to get you somewhere safe."

The knight increased the speed of his horse and hurried to Fraxinus at a part of the city while the beautiful maiden that fought Shidou's adversaries that wanted to kill him.

"So she cross dressed?! Wh-why would a spirit do such thing?!"

"Hmm…to know if Shidou-kun's a yaoi?"

"That's ridiculous Kannazuki! Setting that aside why did she activate a false spacequake to protect the people?"

Kotori quickly looked at the monitor showing Nanase fighting of the Anti spirit team that was clearly not the AST of JGSDF they were a different group as seen due to their different wiring suits.

"Kotori-san where's onii-sama?! Th-that CR-units doesn't seem that they belong to DEM…according to the data and as I remembered."

The young girl beside Kotori muttered as she analyzed the situation that she saw on the screen, it was Takamiya Mana worrying for his blood related brother and was now working for Ratatoskr for the sake of being with her beloved older brother.

"Oh don't worry for Shidou Mana he wouldn't die with just that—"

"Commander Shidou-kun is arriving and is being carried by a what?!"

Shiizaki was quickly perplexed with what she quickly saw Shidou being carried by a knight, when she saw that Mana quickly wanted to get her CR-unit but she was quickly stopped by Kotori when Shidou appeared in the bridge from a bluish flame that just abruptly appeared.

"Onii-sama! Are you okay?!"

Mana quickly hurried to Shidou who stood after a few minutes and fixed his clothes.

"Don't worry Mana, I'm okay more importantly Nanase…"

Shidou quickly looked at the monitor looking at the young young woman who saved her before he almost died with the attacks of the anti spirit team that appeared a few moments ago.

"Are they the AST?"

"No their CR-units don't belong to DEM Shidou…"

He again gazed at Nanase fighting the anti spirit team that still even they're getting tossed all around the place but their incursions was useless simply because they didn't hit Nanase even for a single bit.

"Now let's finish this!"

Nanase stopped her hands then quickly made gestures as if she was playing a qin zither and quickly the land surrounding the group moved like waves at the sunny beach and quickly storms began to brew and their whole surroundings began to be distorted and began to bend that made the group succumb into the agony that they are suffering.

Nanase quickly made a throwing gesture that quickly controlled the lighting and hit the group of people that was quickly illuminated due to the electrocution of the lightning that was controlled by Nanase.

Hands made of earth quickly grasped the team that attacked Shidou and tried to kill the young man.

"So you're sent by professor Milburn eh? So it's to confirm if it's really me and Shidou eh? Haa really that means the Tripartite is coming…really the Ragnarok corps moves fast…oh well let's do an over kill!"

"IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO BEFORE THAT BOY BERSERKS! Even you are once working for the corps all the obstacles need to be terminated!"

One of them shouted in anger and glared at her but the young young woman just sneered at her and looked at her intently.

"I agree but the boy's needed to save this world…tell that to the Professor…I will protect him no matter what!"

"Then take this!"

One of them fired a beam that was quickly followed by multiple beams but before it hit she opened her mouth and spoke calling forth the second form of her angel.

"Uriel — [Neets-chee Shamar(Immortal shield)]!"

Appeared on her hand was a gigantic shield that had a sword on it which she quickly got and attached it to the end of the shield that quickly formed an eighth metre sword staff that she mightily swung and created a gigantic beeline engulfing the beam that was fired from the group.

She quickly divided the staff into two four meter swords that she again swung and created multiple beelines that attacked or more appropriately assaulted the group and banished them


Her voice made the sky shook and made the land tremble due to the great force.

"Haa were here again…the side effect of using Uriel…I hope they're safe…"

Light quickly engulfed her surroundings and quickly formed into a dome shape that quickly increased its radius and continuously engulfed its surroundings until it engulfed three fourths of Tenguu city. It left no traces except for the wide crater that could be clearly seen from Fraxinus

"wh-what p-power?!"

Kotori muttered as she saw the crater that shaped itself in Tenguu city destroying most of Tenguu city's features and terrains.

It was an unbelievable view, a spacequake like phenomenon that destroyed the city more than any spacequakes that appeared recently a destructive phenomenon that one couldn't believe to happen.

Shidou widened his eyes seeing the thing that happened but still he needed and wanted to find Nanase but he can't see him from the place that she was before.

Sounds of big explosion was heard and even reached Fraxinus, clearly a phenomenon that couldn't be seen every day.


It was a very irritating sound that was a herald of death and despair but Shidou didn't care about it that time he only cared for one young woman.


He silently muttered as she looked at the screen.

Part 4

Nanase sat at the bench at the park and sketch her surroundings with great detail while simply waiting for the young man to show up.

She was thinking if Shidou would still accept her after seeing her defeat her pursuers ruthlessly, she didn't want to be alone and she feared that the world would reject her but still why would she be afraid if she is already experiences it. Rejection, despair, loneliness it was what she experienced and felt.

"Well whatever or no matter what happens, happens"

She told herself and used the eraser to delete some parts of her drawing, still she patiently waited for the young man to come a speak to her but her waiting was quickly ended as she heard loud footsteps coming behind her, she already knew that the boy would come and speak to her, she knew it the time she saw his eyes looking directly at her.

"So Shidou-kun how are you?"

She asked succinctly but still her voice carried sympathy with it, with that the boy quickly felt some nervousness as he saw her.

Nanase quickly stood up and smiled sweetly at the young man.

"Let me introduce myself to you, I'm Shinsou Nanase pleased to meet you young man"

She extended her hand intending a hand shake but Shidou didn't quickly reached for her hand quickly but instead he just reluctantly reached for it and when he reached her hand she smiled sweetly to him.

"I-I'm Itsuka Sh-Shidou, pleased to meet you too"

He spoke in a quite weird tone that was saying that he was nervous.

"Now let me tell this to you a bit…when I tell you to run, run…my angel has such power but it has disastrous side effects that could practically kill you…don't worry they would practically rebuild the city in just days…they would come back and kill you"

"Is…is that so? But why do they intend to kill me…?"

"It's simple…you're a being that's more powerful than you should be…a troublesome creature that would soon destroy the world…"

Shidou quickly became perplexed due to what she said. Why would people try to kill him? Why would they do kill him, someone that seems to be too trivial? And more importantly what is their reason for doing this? He contemplated on what is really happening around him but still he can't understand. Although that time he was perplexed and discomforted by the atrocious happenings that happened to him today the hand of the maiden that was with him made him a little relieved.

"So let's continue the date?"

She asked to him as she clasped Shidou's right arm and directly looked unto his eyes as if she was looking directly at his whole being.

"Shidou continue your date! This is your chance!"

Kotori informed him about the opportunity that had presented itself to him but it was his decision if he's going to take it or not.

"Ara ara I want to take a bath first! Let's go to your house! She again dragged Shidou going to the Itsuka residence.

"Shidou! Where are you Shidou?!"

A maiden with black hair quickly shouted Shidou's name and looked around trying to him, but it was futile she didn't found Shidou even he was just around. An expression of worry quickly surfaced the face of the maiden as she looked around a few minutes ago she already felt a bad premonition about the young man and set out to find him and to make sure his safety; feelings of worry and fear and confusion engulfed her fragile heart but that feelings grew larger but still she believed that the boy's alive.

"Ragnarok corps a group that manufactures realizers and many innovative technology…they specialize in creating CR-units that could destroy spirit mana to pass thought the astral dress and use excess spirit mana for their own mana or both. Their anti spirit team is called the H.U.N.T.E.R.S. a specialized group that either kills spirits or uses their powers…I'm going to tell you that was one of their weakest teams…but still they're dangerous."

The ash blonde maiden informed him about the group that attacked him a few moments ago, and they're also the group who almost killed him if Nanase's right.

"…thanks for saving me"

"No, it was just ok don't thank me like that Shidou-kun"

He still can't believe what he saw today, he still didn't realize for a single moment that the girl whom he was finding was just beside him masquerading as a young man but again this young woman also forced him to cross dress again.

"Shidou! Shidou! Finally I found you!"

He heard a very familiar voice that belong to a single maiden that was once a spirit but now human since Shidou sealed her.

"Shi-Shidou?! Who's that girl?!"

She possessed black hair as black as the blackest night that he ever seen, that girl was exactly Yatogami Tohka in front of them who had a perplexed expression as she glared at the Nanase.


"Ara ara if for isn't it Tohka-chan!"

Shidou was quickly bewildered after seeing Tohka in front of them, but one could say that he was more bewildered after seeing the Tohka who was heavily glaring at Nanase.

"Wh-who are you?"

She asked in a cold tone that would seem to be colder than that of winter.

"I'm Shidou-kun's wife!"


Nanase answered enthusiastically as Tohka looked down dejectedly then she looked at Shidou. On the side note where did Tohka learn what a wife is? It was simple; she had been watching TV dramas lately.

"Shidou is it true?"

She asked as tears began to flow from her beautiful eyes but before Shidou could even speak Nanase spoke.

"ahem…That's true…I'm sorry!"

It was exactly Itsuka Shidou's voice coming out of Nanase's mouth, a voice of a male with that Tohka began to turn back and run crying but Nanase quickly swayed her hand and pushed Shidou going to Tohka. Shidou quickly lost his freedom of movement as he moved according to what Nanase likes. He quickly touched the young young woman's shoulder but Tohka shook it of but still Shidou under the control of Nanase didn't stop there instead he hugged the crying maiden from behind.

"Sorry for that lie…she's not really my wife but my cousin ok? Now stop crying Tohka."

Then he forced her lips unto hers and she also kissed back and their tongue entangled as their saliva exchanged as they passionately kissed.

Nanase giggled as she saw the turn of event.

"uah…ah Shi-Shidou?"

Tohka breathed as Shidou separated his lips from her's.

"Don't worry Tohka-chan! I'm not actually his wife but his cousin right, Shidou-kun? By the way my name's Shinsou Nanase! Pleased to meet you!"

Tohka reluctantly reached for her hand as she was being hugged by Shidou, when they finished shaking their hands Shidou again got his freedom of movement and got away from Tohka.


"ahem…sorry for that Tohka…"

Tohka quickly blushed until she had a color similar to a tomato and quickly turned her back ran away but for a single moment Shidou saw her grinning.

"Tohka! Tohka!"

He tried to chase Tohka but he was quickly stopped by Nanase.

"She's fine Shidou-kun, just let her think it over…a young woman must think remember that and also respect her…"

"What did you do that for?"

Shidou asked and seemed to have a bit of anger in his voice, and he did felt a little angry about her.

"You're dense aren't you? If she saw you with me she would just quickly run away but now admit it you saw her grinning in relief…If I hadn't do that she would practically be jealous ok?"

"Is-is that so…? I did see her grinning…"

Shidou nodded in agreement and smiled wryly knowing that Tohka would be okay after that incident, they again continued walking to the Itsuka residence.

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Chapter 3: A serendipity