"Area D8T, a special place where we Aces and Spirits meet. Together as one, we train, fly and sometimes sortie from this base together without any worries. It was one of those moments when I found him flying with a carefree attitude, a far cry from the usual shy personality he once harbored during his early days in high school, when the threat of a spacequake looms over the horizon. Now that the hurdle is passed, all I wished is to fly with him, even though I'm a Spirit."
—A Spirit recalling her early days in the facility

Area D8T is an island chain located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. It was used by the Allies as a special training ground before being used as a functional airbase for elite squadrons within the United Coalition Forces.


Before World War IIEdit

Not much is known about this island chain other than it was once occupied by the Japanese Empire.

World War IIEdit

At some point in 1944, the Allies captured the area originally in an effort to establish a stopping point for its forces in the Pacific. However, the recent invasions on other Japanese-occupied territories meant that the chain was reassigned to secondary roles. In 1945, at the request of the some military officials and scientists, it was then reassigned as a testing ground for elite fighter squadrons, featuring an airport made with concrete on the southern island in order to allow jet fighters to be stationed. By the war's end, it was also used to test the latest technologies for many purposes.

Recent EventsEdit

Following the start of the the Far-Eastern War, the United Coalition Forces, at the request of Ratatoskr and other allied intelligence agencies, began to operate the base mainly for top secret fighter squadrons, though Spirits were also assigned there as well. One of them, the Crux Squadron, used the base on some occasions.


  • The island chain is based around a playable map in the game series IL-2 Sturmovik.
  • Also, the base contain some similarities with Heierlark Air Force Base from the Ace Combat series.
  • The codename for the island chain can be pronounced as "date".