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OL PAID OOAOANA (I always watch)

—Arkriel, speaking Enochian

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Arkriel is the Protector of Spirit and the Defender of Mankind. Originally a guardian of the Gate to the sacred Garden of Eden, he was stripped from his rank as an Angel for a crime that he was tricked to commit.


Appearance and Characteristics Edit

As an Angel, Arkriel's true form could easily push a mortal to death. Looking at his face could result in being permanently blind to those with a small amount of supernatural forces within their body, while burning the eyes of mortals. Hearing his voice could rendered one's ears to bleed and become deaf, while standing near him could result in being driven to madness. Being touched by him means to perish completely, disintegrate into nothingness. However, this seems to be useless when it comes to Spirits, or those possessed/protected by Angels and Demons. Only the purest of Man could perceive, touch and speak to him without any visible injuries, as in his daughter's case. His height and size in Angel form was described to be as high as the tower of Babel, and as big as a mountain. However, his true height was approximately 700 cubits (= 320.04 meters) like his fellow gate guardian Adriel.

Arkriel has eight pairs of wings, with two hidden pairs of those on his back, made of ethereal light and in silk-like form rather than feathery like other wings. The first pair of wings was on his head, then his shoulders, arms, elbows, legs, thighs, feet. He wore an angelic warrior's armor without its helmet, revealing his true face which was both "monstrous and holy" at the same time. He has four faces. Each face has one eye, that allows Arkriel to see in all directions, regardless of distances. A crown-like halo could be seen hovering on his head. He was usually seen holding his sword, stabbed on the ground with both hands while guarding and was never seen swaying for even a bit while at work.

In his human form, Arkriel takes on the form of a young man. He appears to be around 19-21, despite his real age could be compared with the universe itself, with black hair and unusual glowing white eyes. His height is 180 cm. He had to wear a pair of special lens to hide his iris from human as a result while walking outside and doing his ordinary things. This changes when he uses PROJECT: Sirius and PROJECT: Altair, with his eyes turn blood red, and his hair turns white in color. It is noted that his hair also grows longer during the time he uses PROJECT: Altair, and he decided to keep it in a pony tail fashion to keep himself distinguishable from Shido, but in return he is frequently confused with Mana - Shido's true little sister.

Arkriel usually wears a black hooded high-collar trench coat, black vest with red tie, a white dress shirt, black shoes and a specially designed pair of black gloves that has silver claws concealed within. The hood is also redesigned for pointy ears on the top of it with an amplifier to increase his hearing potential, and thus allows him to detect movements from afar. He also brings PROJECT: Sirius with him, which is in the form of a hand watch, and PROJECT: Altair in his backpack which he always carry. In fight, Arkriel usually wears a mask that resembles a wild animal, most likely a wolf, to hide his identity from witnesses and also to aid him in various problems and situations.

He was mostly seen in when he interfered in fights between Man and Spirit, to prevent those two from killing each other, but not above hurting them to a certain degree.


Personality Edit

Arkriel, as a guardian, was very serious, stern and keen to his work. He didn't like human at first due to himself seeing their sins through his All-Seeing Eyes. He also doesn't like to make a pact with the Spirits, stating that it makes him look like a "cute pet of them". He was usually described as a cold, calm, likely emotionless by other Angels, and didn't talk much unless when needed. He also lacked the sense of humor even after ages of wandering around the Earth, and didn't process human's jokes pretty well at first which got him into troubles with the sealed Spirits a lot, especially Kurumi who had tendencies of joking around with Shido. He also stated that he doesn't like conflict, and explained that was the reason he chose to be a guardian of Eden. He seems to endear Spirits more than human, and casually takes the souls of fallen Spirits in his native multiverse to the Garden of Eden for an eternally peaceful life. He also takes the souls of fallen humans to Heaven under his host's requests.

As the stories move on, Arkriel's personality changed dramatically. He started to talk more to the main characters, and got much more aggressive in his fight against supernatural creatures. He also formed a tendency of swearing whenever he is pissed off, and also a habit of joking.

Despite not expressing emotions so frequently out to anyone, he did cry and deeply regret for killing his daughter out of misunderstanding. He also showed some signs of concern for Shido when he got hurt, and finally developed a misleading relationship with him throughout the plot. Arkriel even transformed into Shiori in order to freely go around with Shido, and even dated him on some occasions (to protect him from certain supernatural threats).

On a rare occasion when seriously drunk, Arkriel sneaked into Shido's room and planned to make love with him as Shiori, and when Shido said they couldn't because they were both male, he said it was fine because he could take on different genders at will. This caused the Spirits to question about Shido's relationship with Arkriel and how far have they been to.


Plot Edit

Arkriel Sin Edit

I am an Angel of the Lord. I was there when God made the first of Man. I was there when Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, I saw Cain killing his brother Abel out of jealousy, and I watched as the tower of Babel collapsed. I was there when the First Spirit, as you called her, came down to Earth, and I knew that someday I will meet you again, Itsuka Shido, for we are bonded, like how God is bonded with his Angels.

—Arkriel, to Itsuka Shido

Arkriel was an Elite Angel, also known as a Cherub, who served Kerubiel, and then Yahweh as one of the two Angels tasked with the mission guarding the Gate leading to the Garden of Eden. Usually takes on the form of a male, Arkriel, along with his brother Adriel laboriously defended the Gate from Mankind, stopping them from ever reaching the hallowed land. Day by day, he patiently stood in front of the Gate, always aware of everything around him, and with his enchanting voice, he told the lost wanderers and ambitious adventurers to return and guide them back to safety. Those who resisted him were incinerated by a single glance they took at his holy sword - a sword said to be forged before time and older than even the Archangels.

One day, a lost woman and her baby wandered near the Gate where Arkriel was guarding. They were lost, separated from their group when they were attacked by a wild bear. It chased them into the forest, but turned around immediately when it met with Arkriel's watchful eye. The woman was clawed by the beast and thus she was too weak to carry on. She asked the Angel to take care of her, but got incinerated by his sword quickly as she refused to leave. The Angel then rolled his only eye and looked at the being under his feet. Too tiny, too helpless, she could have died were it not for Arkriel taking care of her. The Angel noticed that she was entirely pure from sins of Man, as she was not incinerated, and even touched his sword with no discomfort.

She grew up to be a beautiful, healthy young girl, and Yahweh allowed her to live in Eden, also to take care of the Garden as well. She visited her caretaker everyday, and told him about things that happened inside the Garden. She loved him as a father, and her only family left on the world. She was told to stay in the Garden, and was not allowed to go out. On her birthday, she managed to convince her father to let her experience the world outside. Arkriel was hesitated as he had seen too much about Mankind. He tried to persuade her to leave that thought behind and stay inside the Garden, under his protection. But he had to let her go eventually.

She went missing for years, and Arkriel was really worried for her. He finally used his All-Seeing Eye to locate her, and found her in a village full of Man. He left his position and went to get her, disguised as a hooded man with glowing eyes, only to find her holding a baby on her arms, with her husband embracing her. Enraged, Arkriel attempted to burn the village along with his daughter with his sword, but was held back when he remembered how he raised her, and the times when she called him "Father", the times when they shared their happy moment together. He simply looked at his daughter one last time while praying for Yahweh to bless her before returning to do his work.

At the Gate, he was punished by Lucifer and a group of Angels for abandoning his post, and was offered a chance to release himself from the punishment. He was ordered to kill his own daughter with his sword, and erase everything in that village with his holy flame. Arkriel had no choices but to follow Lucifer's order, and that night, when the girl was sleeping peacefully with her husband, she heard a loud noise outside, and everything started to burn. The fire was inextinguishable, and it spread so quick, and fast that anything caught by it was reduced to nothing, not even ashes of them remained. She held her child and ran outside with her husband, hoping for her father to come and save them from that place, only to discover that he was the one who started the flame. Horrified by the sight of him holding the sword in the sea of fire, she couldn't move, and he flew in to stab her. Her husband rushed out to defend her, and was murdered by the one she had always viewed as her only family. Arkriel then finished the baby and her off with his blade impaling her chest. To his surprise, she did not burn for the sins, but only bled. She still had her purity within herself as she asked him why he did this to them. He asked her why she left him and had a family of her own. She simply smiled and touched his face, as she explained that she did not have a child with anyone, and the man over there was her real father. The child was adopted by her when its family was murdered and thus caused a misunderstanding between Arkriel and her. Through his All-Seeing Eyes, Arkriel shed four tears, and grieved for his daughter as she drew her last breath in his arms. He held her lifeless body and cried while begging her for forgiveness. His cry echoed throughout the sky and extended to Heaven and Hell.

Returning to Heaven, Arkriel found himself tricked by Lucifer, who told Yahweh lies about him, that he got tired of his job and started to kill human out of boredom and as a result, his wings were cut off, burned by his own sword. He was stripped from his rank as a high warrior of Heaven, and Yahweh threw him down to the mortal world for an eternal exile. From then, he traveled the world in a mortal vessel, performing good deeds to redeem himself.

Lucifer Betrayal Edit

Many, many years after getting rid of Arkriel from the Gate, Lucifer had been secretly following him and tried to pursue him to join her in her rebellion against Yahweh and Heaven. Arkriel, who was having a little bit of trouble in his life, as he was misunderstood for being a thief, and was forced to run away from the enforcers of that time. He managed to escape, and sit down in a dark alley while removing his hood for some air. He sighed tiredly and wondered how everyone was doing in Heaven. He then quickly curled up and indulged himself in a sleep outdoor after so many times running away, and for having no money in his pocket. In his dream, he met with Lucifer, whose appearance was that of his fallen daughter, and she asked him to follow her. However, Arkriel refused, saying that he wasn't ready to meet her again, and reluctantly shook his head. This caused the image of his daughter to shatter, and revealed Lucifer. Arkriel was surprised and Lucifer told him how foolish he was to deny her before pushing him down to Hell. Arkriel then woke up from his sleep and found the sky darkened. Realizing that something wrong was going on in Heaven, he immediately set out to one of the Gate, but bumped into a man who was out to buy ingredients for dinner on his way out of the alley. Arkriel apologized to the man for not being careful and helped the man picking up his things before bringing his eyes up to have a full view of the said man's appearance. He stopped for a while as he saw something familiar within him. But Arkriel immediately left that thought out of his head as he said such thing was impossible. The man asked if Arkriel was fine, to which he answered that he was. Arkriel then apologized again before taking his leave. The man then wondered if something was wrong with him and met with a girl with purple hair as they both walked home together

As the road to the Gate was long and dangerous, Arkriel must have something to defend himself from the beasts. He attacked a guard's post and snatched one's weapons and armors, which came in naturally fit for him. However, he wanted to avoid fight, and bringing too many armors would only slow him down, so he decided to get rid of some parts and redesigned his costume. But then the other guards came and discovered Arkriel and got into a fight with him. Arkriel chose to flee, and hid himself from sight of the guards, but they would find him out eventually. Then the man spotted Arkriel hiding in the corner, much to his surprise. He noticed that Arkriel was the one he previously met, and offered him a place to hide until things have calmed down. Arkriel was hesitated, but agreed when the guards were stacking up their numbers outside. They silently moved to the man's house, and was greeted by the man's sister with a kick to his stomach. She asked him why did he go out so late, and why did he return with another man. It turned out she was the man's little sister. Seeing such a scene, Arkriel couldn't help but smiled and remembered his time on Heaven with his siblings.

The brother and sister eventually learned about Arkriel's secret, and as he was about to leave so that they wouldn't have any troubles involving him, the man suggested to take him out of the village. Arkriel immediately refused, saying that it was too risky and dangerous, but had to accept his offer when he saw the determination in his eyes. The man gave Arkriel a horse and secretly took him to the back entrance, before wishing him the best of luck in his journey. Arkriel said that he reminded him of God, to which the man simply smiled mysteriously as the exiled Angel moved out in darkness. Roaming continuously for days and nights, overcoming beasts and creatures until he had reached the door, Arkriel then encountered a legion of demons, rising up from the ground and flying straight to Heaven, and quickly realized who was behind all of that. Lucifer made an alliance with the demons, and was preparing to overthrow the Heaven. Fearing for his brethren's life, he marched out and attacked the demons without thinking. The fight went terribly wrong with the demons completely overwhelmed the Angel with their brute force and sheer numbers, and Arkriel was about to be decapitated until a flash of light brought him to Heaven, in front of Yahweh. Yahweh then informed Arkriel of Lucifer's rebellion, and asked him to return to his place as a warrior of Heaven, and to lead the remaining Angels that did not follow Lucifer against her terrifying force. Arkriel was shocked that there were Angels that followed Lucifer, and immediately accepted the request. A force of light covered him and dispelled quickly afterward, revealing his old Angel armor but still retained his human form. His blade shot out from the vault where holy weapons were contained and was caught in mid-air by him, as he told it that "it has been a long time, old friend."

Lucifer Downfall Edit

Taking a look at the progress Lucifer had made in overthrowing Heaven, Arkriel found himself stuck with a little number of Angel troops at hand, as most of the remaining Angels were still fighting at the battlefront, and brutally murdered by the combined force of the rebellious Angels and demons. He asked Yahweh why did this happen and about Lucifer's motivation, she simply shook her head much to his disappointment. An Angel general then bashed the doors and marched into the room, informing Yahweh of the rebellious Angels and asking her for permissions to activate the Ark - a mysterious ancient weapon that only Yahweh and the rest of the Archangels were supposed to hold knowledge over it and its existence. Yahweh questioned the Angel of how he discovered about the Ark, to which he replied that was because Lucifer spoke about some kind of "ultimate weapon" owned by the Heavenly Host. Then he began to ask why Yahweh did not use the weapon at the beginning of the war. She answered that was because of the Ark was only meant to be used when their native multiverse is at a great danger. They got into an argument until Arkriel stepped in and said that there was no need to use such a weapon. The Angel then got mad as he did not acknowledge him being on Heaven before attacking Arkriel with his weapon, only for him to cancel his attack easily with a flick of his sword. Yahweh then banished the Angel from ever entering the room before asking Arkriel if he could take on this quest. Arkriel said nothing and nodded to her question.

Moving into the battlefield, Arkriel witnessed the horror of war in front of him. Thousands of angelic warriors being tore apart, eaten alive by creatures of Hell and tortured by the rebellious Angels. Enraged, but decided to keep a calm composure in front of his soldiers, Arkriel led them flying across the horde of Demons, while cutting down anything that dared to stop him, even his own kind and past comrades as he unleashed his inner thirst for blood. Many Angels were inspired by Arkriel's craziness in battle and followed him as they single-handedly cleaved their way through enemy's force. Arkriel then spotted Lucifer down on the ground, watching over the fight with a demon protecting her. He dived down to the fight, ignoring the Angels behind him in an attempt to cut off Lucifer's head. However, the Demon knocked him away before he could do so, and he was surrounded by another group of Demons. Meanwhile, his followers were massacred by the Demons and left him alone against Lucifer along with her new friends. Lucifer then complimented Arkriel's effort and skills that got him here, and asked him to join her one more time. Arkriel then made his choice quickly by saying "No" to her, which made her raise her eyebrows. She asked him to reconsider her offer and his current situation, with the Demons and Hellhounds growling at him, but Arkriel repeated the same answer and prepared for his demise, but stated that he wouldn't die so easily, not without a big fight.

Lucifer sighed and turned around while telling the Demons to kill him quickly. Arkriel then fought bravely against the Demonic Legion, until the protector of Lucifer knocked his sword out of his hand and prepared to deliver the killing blow. Arkriel was smarter than the demon, however, as he was able to pull off a demon banishing sigil carved in his palm and sent it back to Hell. As he cleared the rest of the demons, he went for Lucifer. The two of them faced off in a fierce fight, where Lucifer quickly overwhelmed Arkriel with her status as an Archangel. Arkriel noticed her shedding a tear during their fight. She then revealed that the reasons she started this Civil War was to bring him to her side so that they can be together, and also because God asked her to bow down before such a lowly race like Man. Her love for God was so great that she couldn't bear herself to do that, but she did because she loved Him more than anything else. She was heart-broken when God left and allowed Yahweh to take His place, and during that time she accidentally came to meet with Arkriel who stood still and watched over the Gate. They talked and Arkriel comforted her about God's decision, saying that He chose to give humanity another chance after all what happened and that's why He chose to leave his children. Lucifer found herself falling in love with Arkriel after that talk.

Arkriel was utterly surprised when he heard Lucifer's confession, and he was disarmed and pushed down to the ground by her during that exact moment. She bid farewell before raising her spear to stab him. Arkriel closed his eyes and said "I'm sorry" before activating the angel trap symbol that he secretly drew within his movements during their fight. The trap stopped Lucifer's movement entirely while Arkriel telepathically commanded his sword to stab her in the chest as it pushed her to the edge of where she was standing. He watched her body fell into Hell, while two lines of tears formed on her face. Arkriel stood up, but got attacked from behind by the Angel that he fought in front of Yahweh. The Angel then was obliterated when Arkriel's sword returned to him and stabbed the Angel, covering him in holy flame. Backups arrived and witnessed everything. One of them assured that they will tell Yahweh what really happened to the Angel and that Arkriel would be able to make it through. But to the Angel's surprise, Arkriel slowly walked toward the edge where Lucifer was before she fell while holding his wound which would bring him to his death quickly, and coldly stated: "I am a traitor of Heaven. Remember that, brother." before finally dropping himself to Hell with Lucifer, telling her to wait for him.

Arkriel Mistake Edit

Diving into Hell, Arkriel felt like he had been flying for an eternity. He finally made it to the first floor of Hell and was greeted by several demons. Arkriel's physique was severely weakened due to him being an Angel in the realm of Hell, also most of his angelic powers were negated. He managed to kill two demons before got overpowered by the third one which was a mid-tier demon. Their backups then arrived, Arkriel was forced to flee, by creating a diversion with an Enochian trap symbol. The news of an Angel in Hell was then known to every single creature in Hell, thus made it impossible for Arkriel to escape on his own.

He disguised himself as a demon and wandered through Hell for any information about Lucifer. One day, he bumped into a female demon, and got into a fight with her. As they fought, Arkriel was eventually beaten up by the demon. He then realized that she was no ordinary demons, but one of the Seven Sins known as Wrath, usually associated with the infamous Archdemon named Satan, but not to be confused with Satan himself. Wrath then uncovered his wings as Arkriel thought he was going to die. However, she noted that "Luci" was looking for the Angel in Hell before chaining him up with a collar and took him to Lucifer's domain.

Upon arriving, Arkriel was forced to kneel before the current ruler of Hell aka Lucifer as she recognized him. She asked why did he come to Hell as she was surprised to hear his answer: "I came here for you." She then questioned him the reason of why he followed her here, especially when he was the one who kicked her down here. Without hesitation, Arkriel confessed his love for Lucifer and said that he would get her out of Hell no matter what.


Powers and Abilities Edit

Arkriel, as a High Angel, possessed an astounding set of abilities that made him one of Heaven's best warriors and put him in the ranks of the most powerful supernatural beings in his universe. He has shown to possess an Angel's standard power, including Dream Walking, Smiting, Telekinesis, Teleporting... but at a much higher level than ordinary Angels that doesn't require him to speak Enochian in order to activate them, rather with a snap of fingers or a wave of his hand. He was summoned back to Heaven by Yahweh when Lucifer turned rebel, and was able to turn the tide of the First Heaven Civil War in Heaven's favor with his mastery over his own angelic powers. After being weakened, he still retained his knowledge of angel spells and proved to be a capable fighter even without them.

As an Angel Edit

  • Astral Projection: Arkriel is able to project images of his real form to trick his enemies into being frightened. This comes in handy for him when he needs distractions. Enochian: HCHZRH (Reflection).
  • Angelic Dash: Arkriel can shift his physical form into light for instant travel in a near radius.
  • Angelic Possession: Arkriel can make a Spirit out of a human by possessing them, making a temporary pact between him and the human. However, he cannot possess a Spirit, or a human that is already possessed by another Angel or Demon.
  • Plant Manipulation: Arkriel can control plant's growth rate at will, as shown when he sped up the growing process of a forest to cover the Gate of Eden, or when he used this power to block the way of the Demonic Legion in the First Heaven Civil War. Enochian: TORZV (Arise).
  • Dream Walking: Arkriel can walk into human's sleep, and talk to them mentally within. He can also interact with their dream as well, but to a limited degree. However, if they are already possessed by an Angel or a Demon, he will have no authority over their dreams. As a human, performing this spell requires him to meditate and draw Enochian symbols. Enochian: EFSILBILI (Interfere).
  • Electrokinesis: Arkriel's presence causes electronic devices to activate on their own.
  • Flight: Arkriel can fly at great speeds with the aid of his wings.
  • Healing: Arkriel can heal himself and others instantly, but can't heal their limbs if cut off. Enochian: IOD (Heal).
  • Immortality: As an Angel, Arkriel can live forever while maintaining his physical peak and prime health. His true age is comparable to that of the universe itself. He is also immune to common diseases, even those that would certainly kill a human, unless when it comes to one of the Four Horsewomen, Pestilence.
  • Regeneration: As an Angel, Arkriel can withstand human's firepower with ease, even if it is a nuclear warhead. He was shot by AST and cut by their weapons, only to disperse into light and regenerate quickly afterward. However, Demons can easily bypass this ability and kill him, and Angels can harm him as well, though he managed to resist their damage quite effectively. Normal fire couldn't harm him, as he stepped into a volcano and got out alive, and put his arm into boiled water with no pain at all, implying that he can survive high temperatures, unless if it is holy fire, which would banish him temporarily from Earth realm and give him extreme pain rather than killing him.
  • Smiting: As an Angel, Arkriel can easily one-shot human and low-tier Demons by touching them. A burst of strong light then appears from eyes, ears and mouth of the victim, burning them inside out in the process. However, mid-tier and higher Demons, Spirits and Angels are not affected by this ability. After his first return as an Angel, his Smiting ability improved a little bit, and could now annihilate mid-tier Demons relatively easy, and a top-tier Demon with extreme effort. Enochian: TELOCH (Death).
  • Sedation: Arkriel can easily cause instant unconsciousness in human beings when necessary. Enochian: OIAD OL BRGDO (Go to sleep).
  • Sancti-Pyrokinesis: Arkriel can manipulate holy fire and burn those who were sinned. It is very effective against evil beings such as Demons and Ghosts. The fire is inextinguishable by any normal means, and will continue to burn as long as Arkriel lives. It can also by concealed into a grenade or motolov, and will trap/immobilize/banish Angels and mid-tier Demons temporarily if it hits them.
  • Shadow Realm: Arkriel can freely enter the realm of shadow - a realm twisted by mutated laws of physics, where creatures like ghosts, Men of God and their Sins, Slender Men can be found wandering around before reappearing in the real world. Arkriel has notably been using this power in his fights, as it allows him to slip from the real world and disappear from sight completely before emerging from somewhere else. Even though this ability was lost when he fell from grace, he managed to recover it in the form of an amulet that would allow him to use it at the cost of losing "himself".
  • Skilled Combatant: As a High Angel, Arkriel is skilled in the art of war against supernatural beings. He managed to defeat Lucifer in the First Heaven Civil War in a sword fight, and killed many rebellious Angels to do so.
  • Superhuman Strength: Arkriel possesses and can produce an incredible amount of physical force. He managed to stop a truck in motion completely to save a little girl while crossing the road. He rarely uses brute force to fight and would avoid a head-on battle at all cost, rather uses his spells and angelic intelligent to overpower beings greater than him. Unstoppable when confront mortals, he can also defeat normal Angels and Demons with ease. However, he poses not much of a threat to the Archangels.
  • Superhuman Durability: Arkriel was able to endure attacks from Lucifer - one of the Archangels, and also took a strong punch from Sandalphon, although the latter was immensely weakened.
  • Superhuman Speed: He can run and act much faster than human, and stated that he can effortlessly break the records of a gold-medal Olympian athlete if he wants to. Also, he had demonstrated the ability to overrun bullets.
  • Superhuman Intelligent: As an Angel, Arkriel possesses an impressive intelligent compared to normal human beings, including his vast knowledge of magic.
  • Superhuman Senses: Arkriel possesses extraordinary senses, much more advanced than human. He can see things invisible, hidden from human, such as the Men of God and interact with them. He can also see whether a place is haunted by sensing the ominous energy emitted from it, or if a person is possessed/followed by a fellow Angel or a hostile Demon. He can listen to radio frequencies, talk to animals and understand them; identify someone by smelling and tracks them in a place of thousands of odors; feel the slightest vibration in the air and guess what is coming and its features, including size, mass, etc.
  • Pyrokinesis: Arkriel can generate ordinary flame with no special properties. He made fire to keep himself warm during his exiled days.
  • Telekinesis: Arkriel has the ability to move objects with his thought. He used this ability to clear his way and set up obstacles for his pursuers. He also pressed Shido against a wall on their first meeting with this ability.
  • Telepathy: Arkriel can communicate from far distances with Angels and humans.

As a human Edit

Urgh, fine, here's a magic trick, Alohomora. Tada.

—Arkriel, to Shido Itsuka

After being banished from Heaven, Arkriel lost nearly all of his powers as a High Angel, excluding his superhuman physiology and his knowledge of mystical arts known as Magic to human. In addition to this, he improved his fighting skills over centuries by practicing many of humans' fighting styles, and combined it with his spell casting to become a dangerous opponent to mess with.
  • Advanced Mystical Fighter: Arkriel studied all forms of martial arts during his exile, along with his training as a High Angel, and managed to utilize his power with his fighting moves. He is an expert in both armed and unarmed combat, and mastered unknown, forgotten ancient forms of the deadly fighting arts. Considered to be one of the most powerful and dangerous beings to ever walked the Earth, however, Arkriel left this aspect of him unused for a long time, stating that he doesn't like conflict, as a result, he was tremendously "rusty". Nonetheless, he can easily predict one's several moves in the near future and counter them completely. "An agile and swift fighter", as described by AST members. He is capable of chanting spells while attacking and can freely place magic traps in the middle of the fight, as well as Smiting his enemies if he deems necessary and/or reshape the battlefield to his will by making illusions of the surroundings. He eliminated many Angel hunters sent to kill him, as well as Demon pursuers that try to bring him to their side in the past, and left him with many experience against the likes of them. Parkour and gymnastic abilities are also important assets to him, as they allows him to survive long-term fights like when he fought against the Inverse Spirits in Teiguu City. His mastery over all forms of weapons also gave him quite an advantage against his enemies, as he could just disarm them easily, but he prefers unarmed combat over them all and even harshly stated that: "Weapons are for the weak". Through centuries of experience, he had created several combat styles and techniques unique to himself. Each has a distinct, unique portion of their own, but all rely on mobility.
    • Kiting Art:
    • Sneaky Six
    • Anti-Combat
    • Delayed Blink
    • Shadow Kill
  • Advanced Assassin and Spy: Arkriel also trained in Ninjutsu, that allows him to move stealthily around without being noticed. A flawless virtuoso of evasion, escape, stealth, silent movement, demolitions, disguise, sabotage and survival. He is capable of erasing his trail and tricking people into thinking they are on the right direction of getting him. He can also create fake evidences to cover himself in cases where it involves him killing a human being. Arkriel is notably skillful in skills forbid by the laws, such as lock-picking, pick-pocketing, eaves-dropping, hacking and many more...
  • Advanced Military/Agency Operator: Arkriel is well-versed in how military forces work and their disciplines, as well as having extensive knowledge about how government agencies work.
  • Arcane Mastery: Arkriel, over his years of learning and studying in Heaven, mastered the ability to use angelic magics and consumed the entire knowledge of this art in Yahweh's secret library, up to the point he can make realistic illusion. He can make the world around him broken glasses, turn reality into illusion, and turn the world upside down at will; open gateways to other universes and restores an entire city from total destruction. His magic comes in the form of glyph and Enochian symbols, and each of them allows a different effect. By combining Enochian symbols together, he can create more powerful spells that allows him to "banish all Angels from Heaven", "break the very fabric of reality" and "alter the very law of universe". However these are just assumptions of what he can possibly do with the enormous potential of the symbols.
    • Realistic Illusion Creation: A spell that, when used, creates powerful illusions that tricks even cameras. It will show the victims what they desire most, and these illusions are so real that they copy exactly every single detail about what they want. This spell is so potent that it can actually remove all laws of physics under the targets' eyes, and twist the world into something, which was described as like when "you smoke all the weeds in the universe". It is powerful enough to trick people into believing the world is turned upside down, therefore losing their balance, and not even their supernatural senses can help them get out of the illusions. One of the most powerful spells ever acquired by Arkriel.
    • Binding Spell: A spell that unleashes bands of light that are powerful enough to restrain a Spirit.
    • Seven-Layered Magic Shield: A spell that allows Arkriel to create a powerful seven-layered barrier that shielded Tenguu City and able to withstood rapid attacks from the Inverse Spirits.
    • Shield of Seraphim: An automatic defense shield that was secretly casted by Arkriel to protect Itsuka Shido.
    • Mystic Bolt: Arkriel hurls a powerful bolt of blue mystical energy that can easily knock a Demon back.
    • Weather Manipulation: Arkriel can summon a powerful electrical storm that will hit all enemies within the radius of a large targeted area.
    • Various tracking spells.
    • Angel Trap: A spell that specialized in immobilizing holy celestial creatures. It is powerful enough to trap even an Archangel within it, however, the effect is tremendously decreased when used on them, as they could easily break it within a second and use their powers even when trapped.
    • Lucky Charm: An extremely rare and hard to create spell, given to Shido as a gift.
    • Absolute Reversion Spell: A spell that was made by Arkriel that was stated by himself to be "an infinitely inferior version of one of God's power", based on the Archangel of the Spirit Ruler - Eden as he ran out of time to prepare for the Apocalypse. This spell can return anything and everything in a wide area to their previous states, but requires a lot of energy the longer it is activated and it took away Arkriel's life after he used it.
    • Memory Suppression Spell: A spell which was casted twice by Arkriel to prevent the Spirits and the inhabitants of Tenguu City from remembering unfortunate incidents.
    • Angel Ward: An anti-Angel spell that can hide the presence of one from Angels when they are far from their sight and block their tracking spells completely. This spell doesn't work really well when the Angels come closer.
    • Angel-proof Spell: Another anti-Angel spell, bigger and better version of Angel Ward, it can block an entire area from Angels, however, powerful Angels can still get in and bring their subordinates with them.
    • Angel Banishing Spell: A spell that can banish Angels in a wide area around the center where it is casted. When carved on one's flesh, it can prevent Angels from inhabiting that one.
    • Love Inducing Spell: A powerful spell Arkriel acquired from a Witch, as he deemed it is too dangerous if he left in behind. This spell works like both a curse and a charm. It can change one's thoughts about the first one they see after being affected by the spell, and eventually fall in love with that one. The weakened Archangel Kerubiel accidentally released the spell when she opened the spell book and fell in love with Arkriel, and acted like a yandere when other girls come around him. Arkriel managed to cure her and destroyed the spell with the help of the same Witch he took the spell from later on.
    • Archangels Summoning Spells: By reading different chants that refer to specific Archangel, Arkriel can call upon the power of the Archangels, allowing them to make use of his body and therefore enabled to unleash more of their power in the physical plane as their synchronization percent increases. However, this is extremely risky and is extremely harmful to Arkriel's body and soul, as an Archangel's presence is also very hazardous to lower Angels, not to mention that they would inhabit one's body. Sandalphon used Arkriel for at least 30 seconds before he succumbed to complete fatigue when they are 100% synchronized. Zadkiel, as a merciful Archangel, was less torturing to Arkriel, as she allowed him to stay up to three minutes. Not even the Nexuses - special people gifted with special blood could endure the Archangels for long, and can only sustain them for at least one hour before they finally turn to dust.
  • Expert Driver: Arkriel is good at handling special vehicles especially PROJECT: Zadkiel, as evidenced in the battle against the Inverse Spirits around Tenguu City.
  • Expert Engineer: Arkriel is a capable engineer, as shown when he made the PROJECTs and various high-tech equipment.
  • Expert Strategist: Arkriel is usually seen fighting with strategy and his technology rather than brute force when overwhelmed in numbers and powers alike.
  • Multilingual: Arkriel can speak many languages, including otherworldly ones such as Enochian and Rhefugi.
  • Natural Charisma: Arkriel is a natural-born leader, as demonstrated when he led Heaven's army against Lucifer. However, he rarely works in group, stating that he doesn't suit to be a leader.
  • Near Unlimited Fund: As part of the SCP Foundation and their main operator against dangerous SCPs, Arkriel was backed up by the Foundation and has access to a near unlimited fund. He used the money to build and maintain the PROJECTs, as well as paying for food, shelters and clothing.
  • Supernatural Expert: Arkriel is an expert in the field of supernatural events due to his past experience as a supernatural being. He plays an extremely important role in keeping supernatural creatures and events in check, and would do anything to keep them safe from humans and vice versa. He worked with the SCP Foundation in the past to recover some dangerous SCPs, and managed to recover some of the Holders during his free time working with them to ensure that no one can bring all those Holders together. He was seen involved in several Slender Men cases, exorcised ghosts, also fighting with a Man of God's pet.


Equipments Edit


Arkriel in PROJECT: Altair (left), fighting against the hijacked PROJECT: Sirius (right)

Throughout the story, Arkriel gathered, gained and built a number of powerful artifacts, technology and weapons for himself, be they angelic or demonic.

As an Angel Edit

  • Sword of Divine Light: Arkriel's old weapon, used while he was guarding the Gate of Eden, and was then simply hanged on the wall of his house like a decoration. A two-edged golden sword, decorated with a red jewel on the sword hilt. Stated to be crafted before the existence of the Archangels, the sword on its own has several powerful abilities. Arkriel never said the name of this weapon, as something might happen as he says it out loud.
    • Indestructible: The weapon was made from an unknown substance, native to Heaven only. Thus, it was indestructible and can cleave through any armor no matter how durable it is.
    • Eternal Link: The weapon recognized Arkriel as its one and only user, so as a result, it follows his command and not others'. The sword can immediately locate his position and return to his hands, and doesn't allow others to use it unless Arkriel gives them permission. It is extremely hostile to those who try to use it without its owner's presence, capable of reducing them to ashes completely if they insist. Beings like the Archangels and God, however, can freely use it as they are powerful enough to override the sword's spell.
    • Holy Light: Usually manifested as white flame, the sword was imbued with extremely powerful white light, capable of disintegrating people and mid-tier Angels along with many Demons in a near-instant under Arkriel's command.
  • Angel Armor: Arkriel's old armor, which was silvery and golden. It can take many blows from other Angels and Demons, but got shattered when Arkriel was hit by Lucifer. However, it might be because the armor was severely weakened when he fought the rebellious Angels and the Demons.

As a human Edit

  • PROJECTs - A series of highly advanced equipment, designed and crafted by Arkriel himself to aid him in the quest of defending Mankind from supernatural threats and also alien threats, through observing and studying the Spirits prior to their sealings. Each PROJECT was named after the Archangels, as they partly reflect the power of each of them. The PROJECTs are divided equally into two different PROJECTs, named after two of the brightest stars on the night sky, Altair and Sirius.
    • PROJECT: Sirius - A suit of armor which is concealed within a hand watch. It is mainly black in color, with some dark blue, white and red in some details. The suit is very durable, able to take many hits from Demons and Angels alike, while also being very flexible and allows the user to perform various acrobatic feats with ease. The PROJECT is equipped with an A.I., which helps Arkriel process information, background of his opponents and has access to every database on the world. Sirius is equipped with the following equipment
      • PROJECT: Sandalphon - A distinctive mechanized version of Sandalphon. Unlike the original, which is a great sword, this PROJECT takes the form of a pair of wrist blades and shoulder mounted shurikens. The weapon is made out of high-frequency red energy blade and blade casing. The blades are split, channeled via operator in order to maximize close-proximity damage. The side blades are auxiliary, and allow laceration from multiple angles. The blade casing is forged out of super light material Aero-Carbon compound that is adaptable to unique molecular states, providing seemingly no weight to the user. The blades can also transform at the user's wishes. It can be a hidden blade lying under the wrist for silent assassin, or can merge into one single blade for more damage as the energy source is focused into one blade only. The shurikens can either be launched, or used on the user's hands as weapons, also, they are attached to a rotation module on the suit's back that can spin at great speed and act like chainsaws, capable of severing and/or blocking the enemy's attempt to attack from behind.
      • PROJECT: Zafkiel - The hand watch remained after the transformation of the suit, allowing the user to "mimic" some of the power belongs to the Archangel Zafkiel, otherwise known as the Emperor of Time. By activating the watch, the user can "save" their location in the exact moment when they first activate it. By reactivating the watch, the user can "load" their location and return to where they "save", just like how a video game saving mechanic works. Upon activation, the watch releases a burst of pale blue and creates a trail of pale blue light as the user moves. Upon reactivation, the user's body transforms into a streak of light of the same color, and shoot back to where they "saved". Through returning to "Load", the user can easily catch his opponent off-guard as their position immediately changes, while all the wounds of the user are entirely healed as long as they "save" at the start of the battle. The user can also delete a "saved" location, which will result in an explosion that can be compared to a small Spacequake with the destructive power of a mine, before starting a new "save". In addition to this, the armor also copies the ability to control and make clones like Kurumi Tokisaki. The clones are projected from the armor, mimicking the armor main hardware, and are highly unstable as they disintegrate very quickly. The armor can shift its molecules with the clones as well as the user's, while maintaining their physical form inside the armor with the molecular holder, therefore the user can attain unmatched mobility without ending up as a mess of blood. The clones also copy the user's movements, and allow them to attack from blind spots which usually leaves the opponent a very small window of chance to dodge the surprise attacks.

Relationship Edit

Romantic life Edit

Lucifer Edit

Arkriel has high respect for Lucifer, as one of the Archangels of God, and also developed some feelings for her while guarding the Gate. However, when she tricked him to kill his daughter, Arkriel seemingly abandoned this aspect of him and cursed Lucifer for what she did to him. Later on, when she confessed her true feelings for him, Arkriel was shown to still love her as well when he said "Sorry" regretfully before pushing her to Hell. After that he also jumped willingly into Hell, hoping to get her out of there and build a new life with her.

His love for Lucifer stayed true throughout the plot, as he was easily angered when other Angels spoke ill of her in front of him and beat Demons up just to know if she was doing well down there. He also prayed for God to forgive Lucifer everyday and begged Yahweh not to kill her at the beginning of the Apocalypse.

Kerubiel Edit

Arkriel discovered about Kerubiel's existence on Earth under the name of SCP-469 after the event involved Mayuri. She was encased inside a giant ball of feathery wings, feeding on many sources of energy especially sound, but was kept from doing so by the SCP Foundation. Arkriel requested to talk to her and was dragged into her resting place. He eventually woke her up. She was panic at first for being separated from Mayuri. Arkriel then offered her a stay at his house, while promising her that he would look out for any signs of Mayuri. As a result, Kerubiel accepted his offer and apparently started to develop feelings for him.

Yahweh Edit

As the Ruler of Heaven, Arkriel has deep respect for Yahweh. He accepted to return to Heaven under her request despite being thrown down to Earth also by her. He was utterly willing to reclaim Heaven from the Grigoris' legion for her while she was away, all alone by himself, indicating that he might possess some feelings for her.

Friends Edit

Adriel Edit

As a fellow guardian of the Gate, and a brother, Arkriel respects and loves his brother.


As an Archangel, Ariel receives high respect from Arkriel himself.


At the start of the events of Rio Reincarnation, Arkriel noticed a presence familiar to what he guarded in the past. Eden's manifestation triggered a sense of curiosity within him as he started to follow her in secret, and watched as she left the world with her Mama. After they had both vanished, Arkriel then made a promise to himself that he would help Itsuka Shido until the day he could achieve his "true happiness".



Quotes Edit

Ra xopn sa Wydd, Kytafz. (Go back to Hell, Demons)

—Arkriel, speaking to demons in Rhefugi.

...Live well, and farewell, brother.

—Arkriel, to Nahemah.

Elasa adagita ge bolape emna, Sandalphon en esiasacahe. (You can not be here, Sandalphon my brother.)

—Arkriel, talking to Sandalphon in Enochian.

Ol bolape tol nocos de Elo, Zafkiel. (We were all servants of God, Zafkiel)

—Arkriel, to Zafkiel.

I prefer to be a human now. Having wings makes me look like a walking tampon named Kotex.

—Arkriel, to Angels.

It's no different, Shido. Tricked or not, I was the one who killed my daughter.

—Arkriel, to Itsuka Shido.

Oh Luci, I'm home, baby.

—Arkriel, to Lucifer.

Son of a b*&#$!

—Arkriel's favorite "slogan".

Get back here you son of a b#*&@!

—Arkriel, hunting for Jeff the Killer.

Damn it, that hurts like a son of a b#$&%.

—Arkriel, after being heavily injured by Inverse Tohka.