• Reene-Chan

    Hey guys! I know I've been gone for a week or two, but I guess I can take a short break here and tell this:

    After I checked the Article 'Nia Honjou' in Date A Live Wiki. She implies that all spirits were formerly human, I guess we can say that it was true since SHE is the Second Spirit (Although she is not as strong as Kurumi, lol).

    I am not sure what to do right now, but I guess I have to FIX all of my articles into 'formerly human turned spirit' stuff... -_-

    Oh, is anyone aware of this fact while I am away for a long-long time, I think I am the the most un-updated user here -,-"

    (Sincerely, Reene)

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  • Reene-Chan

    Hi again everyone! The title above got nothing to do with the blog post today. (It's just a tribute to Teresa from Claymore)

    By the way, I dropped in today to say hi, I've had lack of inspiration to write lately because next year I'll have the Form 3 BIG EXAM. By the way, if anyone has noticed it, I would like to request the admin to find a New Featured Article because we are already in November.

    Just in case some of you might wonder why I write this here instead of PM, well, you see, whenever I tried to message someone, it always say "Connection to sever run out bla bla"... So, I hope you can understand.

    Bye everyone! [ I cannot wait for Christmas ( >_

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  • Reene-Chan

    Hello there again! Tomorrow will be my last examination day, so I thought today will be a good chance to pay at least a small visit.

    Last I checked the Date A Live wiki, some of the users there speculated that Kurumi or Nia (might possibly) half-inversed. Well, I got to admit that might be true;- considering how broken/powerful those two are. (Kotori being an AA-Rank not counted).

    Just that in my opinion, I secretly wish that there will be no Half-Inverse spirits form or the Admins need to change the rules again. XD...

    By the way, I'm not creating any new characters since I'm a bit stuck with Cassandra.

    Well whatever..


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  • Reene-Chan

    Hello, since this fandom is dying slowly. I'm gonna write a blog post to revive it, well, at least a little bit.

    I'm just here to share my thought of Date A Live series. Well, I speculated that all the spirits maybe once a human. If that is the case, maybe users with helluva (hell of a) amount of character need to take the time and measure to update their character.

    I hope that not all 100% things in the canon will affects the fanon-verse; since a considerable amount of pages have been created here. (Don't take me wrong, I'm just sharing my thought)

    I hope I can write a longer blog post sooner or later- since my final exam is coming in a few days. Wish for my luck and goodbye!

    "Enjoy The Day".

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  • WhiteLagoon195

    New Admins

    March 29, 2015 by WhiteLagoon195

    Alright, White here everyone! Now, this wiki is dying since there aren't any more users nor any current active admins here. So, I shall go and make an adoption request of this wiki, so the wiki can be more "clean" without unnecessary things here, and block users that are breaking the rules. I Also will change up the main page and some of the parent tabs . However, I will not be the only admin. I hope F and A and Asharoth will agree to become admins as well.

    I known this is going to be weird, but what are your thoughts? What should I add if I beomce am admin?

    PS, this is required apperently if I'm going to adopt this wiki

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  • Forever And Always

    Greeting persona-fications and orions wanderer. This is not exactly the first time I created a blog post either, so perhaps that's will explain about my expertisation in doing something weird, duh~~ LOL

    By the way, I will start making the "Featured Article" systems on this wiki through the Blog Posts. Essentially enough, in order for an article to be Featured on the month, they will have to at least possess a decent information in their pages and accurate infobox along with sections. An article which is great enough to impress me will have the right to put in Template: Featured Article

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  • Highking Antoine29

    Well I'll be posting this on the fanon wiki exclusively...

    so here's the teaser and just to say it the prolouge is done but needs some censorship (I just wrote it in my notebook at school and phones are prohibited on my school)...

    OC-centric story .Itaru Yamazaki is just a normal highschool boy but his like quicky changes in one afternoon. He woke up standing on a high building as the sun dyes the whole city with an yellow orange color, he didnt know how he got there, he didnt know who brought him there, that time thousands of question appeared on his mind but all of that questions vanished as he saw the young maiden in front of him. What is she? who is she?

    so what do you think? hehehe doing it now!

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