Chisiko Nishiro (知識 二白, Chisiki Nishiro) also known as Slayer (スレイヤー, Sureiyā) is a Spirit that affiliates with Yggdrasill as she was saved by Dante. She's considered as 2nd Leaf in second-in-command of Yggadrasill that work and help Dante directly in his cause.

She's the female version as well the reboot version of Nishiro himself.

Apperance Edit

She's a girl with blue eyes and white long hair that braided in some parts. Her upper attires consist white shirt that showing her shoulder and upper-part of her black undershirt. Her below attires consists blue skirt, knee-lenght black stocking and white shoes.

Most of time, she wears white long parka jacket that she get from Dante as a gift.


Her personalities can be described as "Full of Paradox". Her personalities is never same in same time and make people hard to describe her. Sometime she can be kind and very lovely, sometime she can be energetic and over-active, sometime can be mischief, and in other hand can be sadist sometime (a very rare personality of her).

However, only one fact that her real personality that love Dante is never change. She can tease him, but not for her own amusement but to make him notice her. other than her own beings, she always act as part of Dante as she rarely ask for second time and only ask if she feels that Dante's descision can be possible to hurt himself.

Power and AbilitiesEdit