Crista Monari or simply known as Cris(クリス, Kurisu) is a rogue female S-class Spirit known for appearing and disappearing thorughout Japan 5 years ago. She was also known for her codename, Crimson(クリムゾン, Kurimuzon).

Appearance Edit

Crista Monari is a pale girl with orange eyes with a tinge of scarlet and a red, short spiky hair that resembles street fashion while she was still a "human". However, upon revealing her true form, her hair were more longer with more hair splits that reaches down her lower back and her facial expressions were change into much sharper one.

While in her spirit form, she wears a scanty clothing with a red scheme with only an armor for her left shoulder, waist, and hands. It only covers her bust and lower stomach and opens on her back as well as her entire slender body. She wears a spiked diamond accessory on her back with the similar scheme. She also wears a soft-felt black gloves and a lower back mantle for her lower back.

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