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Date A Live: Awakening

デート・ア・ライブ: アウェイクにん


Dēto A Raibu: Aueikuning


Alternate Universe



Main Character



Action, Adventure

Date A Live: Awakening (デート・ア・ライブ: アウェイクにん, Dēto A Raibu: Aueikuning) is a fanon installment of the Date A Live series. It follows Eagle's adventures around Earth as he tries to stop the Spirit Rebellion Project along with a group of friends that includes a Spirit, a Wizard, an Omni, and a Valkyrie.

This installment is written by Sky.

Disclaimer: I do not own Date A Live. Date A Live is copyright to Koshi Tachibana.

Plot Edit

Spirits, beings of mysterious powers. Common enemy to mankind. The cause of spacequakes and death.

Eagle is the pre-described being. An enemy to all humans, the bringer of destruction. However, Eagle doesn't believe that there should be a line between the two species, after all, he used to be human. He has seen both sides of this conflict, and is determind to erase it.

However, he soon finds out about the SRP, or the Spirit Rebellion Project, whose motives is to start a war, with mankind. Things get even stranger when a mysterious being starts giving orders to Eagle and his gang of friends, insisting that they are helping Eagle and the world. But Eagle starts realizing that they have to following the stranger's plans in order to stop the SRP, since they are always able to predict what will happen next, correctly.

Eagle has his suspicions, but he has no choice but to follow the being, if he is able to achieve his goal.

Characters Edit

Protagonists Edit

Holmes 燐太郁 黒子
Rintarou Kuroko
Sorey ホームズ
Cloud Strife

Original 凛 伊月
Rin Izuki
Pokemon Hugh
Tumblr static kyoko レオ ルミネオウ
Leo Luminous

Antagonists Edit

Kirigaya Emiya
377d00543a96b64930227c3880648e6a 精神 特効
"Spirit Slayer"
Eagle 翡翠 祝詞
Hisui Norito

300px-NPC Glave 春き
Haraki Oichi
Haraki-2 オーフィス

Supporting Characters Edit

ムージカ ローウェル
Musica Lowell
671667-musica large 龍一 検事
Ryuuichi Kenji
Nice ナツ 桜
Natsu Sakura
Shirou Emiya-Pro

Chapters Edit

Main Storyline Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The title of this storyline came from Fire Emblem: Awakening, one of the author's favorite games.
  • This installment will not begin until the author gets some of the plot elements figured out.