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Date A Live: Heavenly Seven is a fanon story created by Trapmaniac. The story itself doesn’t focus of the original DAL characters but OC-characters living in Kurama Town. The main characters even items (in exception for Realizers and CR-Units) are counterparts to the original DAL characters. Unlike the original it targeted for female readers.


Aika the otome game maniac girl accidentally find a myterious male at balcony of her apartement and  save him. However at same time he got sudden attack by mysterious enemy. Aika awakens inside <Hringhorni> and met his childhood friend Yugo explain the mysterious person who she help is actually spirit.




A group founded by Yugo Suimoto to save Heavenly Seven.

  • Sync
  • Venus

Heavenly SevenEdit

Are seven male spirit are designated for fight each other in order to prove who's the worthy to rule "the world". Some of them is sealed in the slabstone by holy maiden and some others is destroyed leave their Shamayim stone. However they're accidentally unsealed by a group Archeologist. Some of Shamayim stone fall to Mysterious man's hand. Unlike canon DAL spirits, Heavenly Seven able to perform Paradise, an ability to manifesting their inner world to reality.

Krishna Foundation Edit

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Date a Live Counterparts Edit

Characters Edit

  • Shidou Itsuka - Aika Fuudou
  • Tohka Yatogami - Ikkyuu Mamiya
  • Itsuka Kotori - Yugo Kasaimoto
  • Tokisaki Kurumi - Shimaiya Kuzuki
  • Izayoi Miku - Midare Tokuro
  • Sir Ray Isaac Pelham Wescott - Saci Indrani Vladimirkov
  • Phantom - Mysterious Man

Organizations Edit

  • Ratatoskr - NORN
  • Deus Ex Machina Industries - Krishna Foundation

Items Edit

  • Sephira crystals - Shamayim stone
  • Qlipha crystals - Bisfeld stone

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