Dragonic Mystics
"Dragon Soars Through The Sky"
Kanji ドラゴニック 神秘
English Dragonic Mystics
Romaji Doragonikku Shinpi
Founder(s) Azai Yamamoto
Headquarters Unknown
Leader(s) Azai Yamamoto
Senior Member(s) ???
Other Members ???
Affiliation Male Spirits
Purpose Annihilate D.E.M Industries

Dragonic Mystics (ドラゴニック 神秘, lit. Doragonikku Shinpi) or sometimes referred as a "group"; is a secret organization formed by Azai Yamamoto. It is a form of group which gathers only male spirits to add in their strength. Indeed, the group was extremely powerful; consisting of mystical beings known as spirits ranging from A to S Rank. Dragonic Mystics have around 7 Senior Members in it;- with each one of them being an established S-Rank Spirits and undoubtedly, surpasses the inferiors member in terms of power, superiority and authority. This organization was among the most fearsome powerhouse in both human and spirit world;- that even Ellen Mira Rathers have to think twice before dealing with the spirits inside this group.

As seen for so many times, every members underneath the Dragonic Mystics' care have the organization's logo (or symbols) drawn on their right chest parts, signalling that they were a member of it. Their main purpose is to destroy the whole D.E.M Industries by gathering enough members;- or foot soldiers before finally launching a full assault to the afromentioned industry. Every activities of Dragonic Mystics were completely under control by Azai Yamamoto and his' seven subordinates officers. Thanks to their strong hatred for D.E.M, each of these spirits would kill any 'Wizards' they encounters- usually by producing a Spacequake to attract their attention and fight with them onwards.

Dragonic Mystics;- hence it's name, revolves around the usage of Dragon-based power as their primary weapons; combining it all along with their Astral Dresses and Angels. There is two methods of joining this organization, firstly, by recruiting method;- when a member of Dragonic Mystics met with another spirit, he can invite him to join the organization with Azai's permission. For the second methods, a spirit can ask wether to join the group as long as they have approval and fullfills the condition.

Dragonic Mystics appears as a organization-based deuteragonist in Date A Live: Infinity;- all along with Lilith Warriors.



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