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Additional Information
Primary Ability

Aura Seeing
Aura Manipulation

Located In Earth
Espers (幻獣 (エスパー), Esupā lit. Aura Seekers) is the name of humans that are able to see and manipulate Spirit Aura from within, and thus considered to be Spirits themselves but actually are not, but they do have codenames, like the Spirits. It is unknown how these beings came to be but it is said that they started to appear 30 years ago after the First Spirit. Everything around them is a mystery.

History Edit

Nothing is known about them, but it was recorded that they appeared after the First Spirit, so about 30 years ago.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Abnormal Senses and Knowledge: The senses of an Esper outstrip that of a human with ease, possessing greater senses of smell, sight, hearing, and touch than humans do. The eyes of an Esper, for example, are much better at seeing in the dark than a human, capable of gathering and enhancing all available light, and detect objects from greater distances than a human. An Esper's hearing enables them to hear sounds from yards away, even the tiniest sound a human could miss. An Esper can also sense Spirit Auras around them, so they can sent a Spirit if they're close enough. Studies has also shown that Espers are generally smarter than humans, ranging of IQs of 120+.

Source of Aura: The Source of Aura is the prime thing that makes an Esper an Esper. The Source of Aura is the prime container of the aura, which the Esper can use to attack or defend. The Espers themselves are known to be capable of harnessing the energy of the Source and generally use it in daily life; the stronger the connection to the Source of Aura, the stronger the Esper's aura and overall power is. The Espers with the greatest connection is known as the Tracers. The Aura colors are based off of the user's personality.

Aura Manipulation: All Espers are able to manipulate their own Spirit Aura. The Aura can be used in many different things, like battles or grabbing things. It all depends on the user's imagination strength since the Aura is controlled with the mind. But the user cannot move another person's aura. It has to be their own.

List of Known Espers Edit

Name Color of Aura

Trivia Edit

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