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—Hikari's favourite words

Name Hikari
Kanji ひかり
Rōmaji Hikari
Species Human
Birthday 20 February, 2009
Age 36
Gender Female
Height 5'11" Ft Tall
Weight 56 Kg
Eyes Ash
Hair Dark Blonde
Rank ???
Unusual Features None
Personal Status
Affiliation Herself
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Mother
Previous Occupation Student
Team None
Partner None
Base of Operations Random
Xa Pi Academy (Former)
Personal Status
Relatives Alleo Valance (Husband)
Michelle Valance (Daughter)
Marital Status Married
Power And Abilities
Signatures Skill Bitching and Shouting

Hikari (ひかり, Hikari Lit. Light) is one of the main character in Michelle. She is the wife of Alleo Valance and the mother of the main protagonist; Michelle Valance. Despite appearing as a main character, her role in the story just suits the deuteragonists' position. However, it can be argued that Hikari have more screen-times than most other characters in the series - losing out only to Michelle Valance, Melissa Xuan Ni, Chen Lai, Vincent Chae and Clara Chan. Just like her daughter, Hikari is also a mixture between different races;- she is a chinese woman, but changes her name into Hikari since she have japanese bloodline flowing inside her body.






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  • Her original character appearance is unknown.
  • She is the second character created for Michelle, Girl Who Fall Into The Heart.
  • She have a japanese bloodline flows into her body, so that's why her name is "Hikari" despite being a Chinese Woman.