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She's state as beautiful slender young woman with long black tied on right side of her head and have crimson colored eyes. Most of time her face showing a strict face and rarely smile but it was off when Dante is around (sometime).


As be state, she's really strict and rarely smile make her pretty scared by most of Yggdrassil's workers (including Dante and also reason why she got 'that' title). She always make everything keep in order and not be mess.

However, sometimes (or when no one seen her) she will showing maiden-like personality like said honestly that he like Dante or writhing when hug her own body when feels embrassed (and happy) when realize it. This is also only time she will smile in happy and not be forced.


Power and AbilitiesEdit

Spirit Form Edit

Angel: Alter-Camael (ツイン炎悪魔 (カマエル), Tsuin-en akuma, lit.,"Twin Blaze Devil")

Weapon: Twin sword

Astral Dress: Alter-Elohim Gibor (別の神威霊装・五番 , Betsu no Shin'i Reisou: Goban, lit., " Alternate Spirit Dress of God's Authority, Number 5")

Same as Yuki, her power is copy-paste of Kotori power. The only difference is her Angel take form of twin sword and rather manipulate flame, she's able to manipulate a very hot light-like energy as she wish. She can use it to explode something just by pointing her finger on certain object.

The other power she have is regeneration power, but it never appeared so far.

Yggdrasil's Confidental: Spirit's DataEdit

Risk Factor: AAA

Spacequake: A

Spirit's Astral Dress: AA

Angel: AA

Strength: 173 (201 when she's serious)

Consistency: 155

Spiritual Power: 267

Agility: 133

Intelligence: 179


  • She's the first Spirit that Dante seal.
  • Dante is only male that was seen her body stark naked.
  • Inside her room, there's a Dante's plushie that only she take out when she inside her room.
    • It was created by herself.
  • Her favorite ways to stop Dante whatever he try to escape (from his responsibility) is by drop kick on his back.
  • She have little sadistic side.
  • Her hair color was crimson like her eyes first, but she decide to dye it black. Her reason is because is too striking when she on public.