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This organization created for protect humanity from spirit

—Saci Indani Vladimirkov

Krishna Foundation (クリシュナファウンデーション, Kurishuna Faundēshon) is a massive international corporation with branches in several major nations such as Russia, China, India, and most notably Japan, they led by Saci Indrani Vladimirkov. They are headquartered in the <Svargaloka>.Krishna's primary endeavour in spirit hunting and maintaining the safety of the world. They also support many military organization even mercenary with Realizers.

Witch Team Edit

  • Saci Indrani Vladimirkov, codename <Blackbolt>
  • Sechs Chase, codename <Chimera>
  • Parvati Shivani Vladimirkov, codename <Huntress>

Members Edit

  • Saci Indrani Vladimirkov (Krishna Foundation's president, WIzard and Commander of Witch Team.
  • Gilbert Kanzaki (Krishna Foundations's President Secretary)
  • Sechs Chase (Spirit Executioner)
  • Parvati Shivani Vladimirkov (Spirit Executioners)
  • Jeong Dracos Sengoku (Scientist)
  • 30 Unnamed <Svargaloka> operators

Technologies Edit

Krishna's Unique Realizer Systems Edit

<Instinct> Edit

Unique ability of <666>, allow them to predict an attack from

<Breach> Edit

A Realizer system developed by Krishna that allow him to penetrating Heavenly Seven's Paradise.

CR-Unit Edit

<Vajra> Edit

One Krishna's powerful CR-Unit Used by Saci.

<666> Edit

Unique CR unit which equipped with <Instinct> Used by Sechs.

<Kali> Edit

Powerful CR-Unit used by Parvati.

Weapons Edit

<Vjaya> Edit

Krishna Foundation's anti-spirit rifle. It's strong enough to penetrate Spirit's Astral Dress/Armor. But it still can't penetrate a Paradise.

<Takshaka> Edit

Airships Edit

<Vlitra> Edit

One of Krishna Foundation's Airships used by Saci and her witch team.

<Kartikeya> Edit

One of Krishna Foundation's Airships.

<Trishula> Edit

One of Krishna Foundations Airships.

Others Edit

<Svargaloka>. Edit

Krishna Foundation's Sky fortress and act as their main Headquarter.

<Brahmastra> Edit

Powerful gigantic cannon turret resides inside <Svargaloka>.

<Sudarshana> Edit

A tower in Svargaloka which will emits a protective barrier.

Trivia Edit

  • Most of member in Krishna Foundation are half-caste.
  • Krishna Foundations is a counterpart of DEM.

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