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Melissa Xuan Ni
メリッサ ズアン ニ, Merissa Zuan Ni
Name Melissa Xuan Ni
Kanji メリッサ ズアン ニ
Rōmaji Merissa Zuan Ni
Species Human
Birthday 6 May, 2029
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 159 cm
Weight 43 kg
Eyes Dark Blue
Hair Light Brown
Unusual Features Kawaiiness!
Personal Status
Affiliation Xa Pi Academy
Previous Affiliation Herself
Occupation Student
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Partner Michelle Valance
Base of Operations Hong Kong, China
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single
Nicknames Mel (Short-name)
Power And Abilities
Equipment Moon Spear

Melissa Xuan Ni (メリッサ ズアン ニ, Merissa Zuan Ni, Lit. Rainbow Kawaii Girl) is one of the protagonist in Michelle, Girl Who Fall Into The Heart. She is the best friend of the main protagonist -Michelle Valance; mainly act as the person who gave Michelle the supports and strength she would need throughout the whole series. In addition, Melissa is a student of Xa Pi Academy, residing in Class 4E along with her fellow friends Michelle Valance and Chei Lan.



"A simple girl with natural beauty" is the right sentences to describes Melissa's appearance. She is a young girl of pure-white complexion and a slim figure. Melissa height is 159 cm and weight around 43 kg. As for the outer appearance, Melissa possess a beautiful and straight blonde hair and a pair of beautiful glowy eyes. She is indeed, one of the most prettiest girl inside Xa Pi Academy;- while being cute at the same time. First sight on Xuan Ni would really impress most Male's hearts and capture public attentions - however, she is not a type of person who likes a "drawing attention", so one can say that Melissa tries to hide away her beauty from someone by giving weird design to her hair; though it basically fails anyway. Melissa's main aspects were her eyes - she could charm the guys around with relative ease when giving the "charisma look", added by her all-pretty aspect, she is already beautiful as the way she's supposed to be. Just like Michelle, Melissa wear random outifts everyday; so it is hard to describe her way of clothing, but whenever she goes outside, Xuan Ni choose a simple yet elegant way of clothing - adorning her look as Xa Pi's pretty face. She wear the official school's girl uniform when attending her Academy.




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  • Her appearance is based off Mashiro Shiina from Sakurasou Pet Na Kanojo.
  • She is the third character created for the storyline Michelle.
  • Ironically, this character shares many traits like the author characters in Fairy Tail Fanon Wiki: Esmeralda.