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If you dare editing it without permission i'll control you with fear... forever...

I just want to beside you, that's all...

—Nanayo Shinmei

Nanayo Shinmei is a mysterious spirit and Aika's neighbor. He seems like to stalk Aika for an unknown reason.

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Nanaya in his spirit form.

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Angel: Cassiel (絶対王 (カシエル) Zettaiou, lit, Absolute King)

Weapon: Wizardry

Astral Armor: Araboth (神騎霊鎧・題七 (アラボス) Shinki Reigai Dai Nana, Spirit Armor of Warrior God: 7th)

Trivia Edit

  • Nanayo appearance is based on Eugeo from SAO franchise.
    • His spirit form is based on Orochi from King Of Fighters.
  • He's counterpart of Origami Tobiichi.