These guys? Oh hell, these guys are like gods in Spirits' religion. Yeah, you heard me. Spirits do have their own religion and belief. They can make Spirits, and can wipe out the entire Heaven plus a big part of Hell if they really want to. I managed to track one of them down before, and I got nothing except nearly being blown off the surface of Earth along with a town.

—Arkriel, describing the Omnis.

DAL Omni




Additional Information
Primary Ability

Astral Armor

Located In Deeper parts of the Spirit's World

Omni (オムニ, lit. Omuni) is a species of supernatural beings that resides in the deeper parts of the Spirit's World. They are the symbols of true power in the mythical worlds and is among the strongest creatures to ever exist. Additionally, they are the one who created the Spirits and responsible for the creation of Sephira Crystal. The smallest omni is at least as big as a 3-storey houses while the biggest is nearly as big as a skyscrapper.

They hold a deep grudge against the Sphere Dragon for being the one that destroyed their old world. Some of them were worshiped as gods on Earth.



List Of OmniEdit

Name Type
Rin ArashiHalf Nine-Tailed Fox


Divine is the primary weapon of every Omni. They functions exactly the same like Angels and Demon Kings;- but completely overwhelmed the two in terms of overall power and skills. Every Divine took the form according to the Omni's personality, the more monstrous it looks, the more aggresive the Omni are;- but if the Divine looks somewhat "fascinating", then the more civil the Omni are. Divine provided the Omni with different powers and come in with a different shape and size, however, Divine, is indeed extremely huge that some of them might even surpasses the size of it's owner.

Astral ArmorEdit

Astral Armor


  • Omni is a Fanon materials and got nothing to do with the Canon.
  • Omnis are Sphere Dragon's archenemy.
  • The Omni in the infobox picture is taken from Seraphimon and Magnadramon.
  • There's no need for permission to make an Omni.
  • Omnis don't destroy the world.