The Powerpuff Girls D: Battle for Earth
Developer(s) Snafu-Comics
Publisher(s) Vinson Ngo
Distributor(s) Snafu-Comics,Kadokawa,Cartoon Network,Nickelodeon,Disney,
Designer(s) Bleedman (Vinson Ngo),Bee Are,Koshi Tachibana (DAL characters only),Reki Kawahara (SAO characters only) and Man of Action
Mode(s) Fighting
Ratings ESRB: T (Teen)

PEGI: 12

Platform(s) PC,PS3,PS4,PS Vita,Xbox 360,Xbob One

The Powerpuff Girls D: Battle for Earth or also known as PPGD: Battle for Earth is a 2D Crossover fighting game based on Bleedman's webcomic-crossover series Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi (or D series) also inspired to the games such as Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax,Super Smash Bros. and the original Battle in Megaville Flash game,Featuring the characters of Cartoon Network,Nickelodeon,Disney,OC's from Snafu Comics and Various anime characters.


It's a 2 dimensional fighting game where 2 players fight each other using both playable and assist characters same as Dengeki Bunko players will use 3 main attack buttons but the difference is they'll use Level 1 (Normal),Level 2 (Strong) and Level 3 (Max) along with the character support using support button used for summoning Assist/support character same as the Dengeki Bunko game.

Character featuresEdit

To be added.


  • P - Playable character only*
  • BBoth playable and assist characters. If certain playable characters are selected, certain playable characters will instead be assist characters and cannot be selected as the same character who has already been selected from the playable roster in Ignition.**
  • A - Assist/support only***


To be added.

Downloadable Content (DLC)Edit

Here are the list of Fan-made DLC before the of events of PPGD & B10:HI.

  • Ben 10: Alien Force DLC (Ben vs Vilgax) - Play as Ben
  • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien DLC (Ultimate Battle) - Play as Ben
  • Ben 10/Gen Rex: Heroes United DLC - Play both Ben or Rex
  • Ben 10: Omniverse DLC (Feedback is BACK!) - Play as Ben
  • Generator Rex DLC - Play as Rex
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun DLC (Electric Princess) - Play as Mikoto Misaka
  • DATE A Live 1 DLC 1 (The Date) - Play as Tohka/Princess
  • DATE A Live 1 DLC 2 (Nightmare) - Play as Tohka or Origami
  • DATE A Live 1 DLC 3 (Mayhem at the Resort!) - Play as Tohka with Yoshino's assist
  • DATE A Live 2 DLC 1 (Berserk Yamai) - Play as Shido
  • DATE A Live 2 DLC 2 (Lesbian Diva) - Play as Shido
  • DATE A Live 2 DLC 3 (Dark Princess) - Play as Shido (to seal Tohka's inverse form)
  • DATE A Live: Mayuri Judgement DLC (Invisible Date?) - Play as Shido (to date with the spirits) and Tohka (for final Fight as Full form)
  • Sword Art Online DLC 1 - Play as Kirito (Eliminating Kayaba Akihiko aka Heathcliff)

more to be added.



  • This is just a game fanon idea inspired to the game  Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax,Super Smash Bros. and the original Battle in Megaville Flash game. And it's unofficial remake of Battle in Megaville.
  • This game-fanon also features Tohka Yatogami,Shido Itsuka,Origami Tobiichi and Kurumi Tokisaki as major characters for Ben 10: Heroes Initiative.
    • BTW that our main antagonist Kurumi is not the mainstream DAL-universe Kurumi instead she's her doppelganger. Click Here..