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Those who own power and privilege have a duty they must fulfill. That's what Noblesse Oblige means. Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty in order to do that.

—Saci Indrani Vladimirkov

Saci Indrani Vladimirkov is one of main antagonist in Date A Live:Heavenly Seven. She's President of Krishna Foundation and a Wizard as well as Commander of Witch Team.

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Saci in CR-Unit <Vajra>

Personality Edit

Saci is Ruthless and realist. Though a ruthless realist, she still loves his family and spoils her younger sister, and especially cares about Parvati's education. She is the one of most experienced and most powerful Wizard to date.

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  • Combat Realizer Unit (CR-Unit)
    • <Vajra>


  • <Vlitra>

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(To Aika) "Which one would you choose, them (spirit) or the world? Think it carefully..."

Trivia Edit

  • Saci appearance is based on Hacka Doll #0 from hacka doll: The Animation.
    • Her CR-Unit appearance is based on T-Elos from Xenosaga franchise.
  • She's counterpart of Sir Isaac Pelham Westcott.