Steve "King"Johnson is a typical humanbeing who's face against Spirtits himself.

Appearance Edit

Steve is tall and had short brown hair and black eyes.

Personality Edit

Steve is a really high IQ Sociopath with deadly skills in Chemistry,Psychology,Hacking and more.

He is usually calm and talks in deep monotone voice,but he can bust into a rage if push him too much.he care very little about how others people feels and kill them without mercy.He has a high pain tolerance and a sightly stronger healing factor than normal human but he is not consider as super.

History Edit

Not much is known about Steve and maybe he has clear all of his data in the past, all we know that he's used to be a Godfather in America before move to Japan.

Stories Edit

He was presume to born in America since he has kill almost every Spirits in the country and move to Japan a year ago with the plan to destroy every Spirits for fun.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Steve is really smart and own an arsenal of weapons at his lab.He is really good at control others and gets what he want.

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-Intelligence:500 IQ and up.