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Supreme Knights
"One who protects the spirits"
Kanji 最高裁の騎士
English Supreme Knights
Romaji Saikōsai No Kishi
Headquarters Various

Supreme Knights (最高裁の騎士, lit. Saikōsai No Kishi) also known as Spirit Rider;- is a type of Alias which is given to a person who has successfully became a Supreme Knights. Technically, there is a few Supreme Knights all around the world- and each of them received a different power as a Supreme Knights through the use of a special device known as Preminiscent. Aside from Wizards, these "Knights" are one out of the few mortals who can actually kill a Spirit with the right skills and equipments. However, unlike Wizards, Supreme Knights' job is to catch a Spirits and protect them from the AST;- while using the Spirit's "Mana" as a sources to enhance their overall strength by developing a friendship with the spirit. Additionally, Supreme Knights magically gained a new skills and device for each spirits that they "catch".



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  • This is an indirect cross-overs between Kamen Rider and Date A Live.