"Speak The Truth! I am Acha, The Angel of the Light of Hope"

This article, Forever And Always/Featured Articles! Go!, is rightfully a sole property of F N A , any minor edit will considered as okay without the author's permission, however, any major edit should be informed to the creator;- with the exception given for collaborators and collaboration articles. As such, no one may touch this article for the purpose of changing information before permission is acquired.

Greeting persona-fications and orions wanderer. This is not exactly the first time I created a blog post either, so perhaps that's will explain about my expertisation in doing something weird, duh~~ LOL

By the way, I will start making the "Featured Article" systems on this wiki through the Blog Posts. Essentially enough, in order for an article to be Featured on the month, they will have to at least possess a decent information in their pages and accurate infobox along with sections. An article which is great enough to impress me will have the right to put in Template: Featured Article <-- (I'll create this later) inside them. Also, a new featured article will be featured every month. Since then, goodbye.. and....

"Speak The Truth" - F And A

  • Waves Goodbye*

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