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    Hey guys! I know I've been gone for a week or two, but I guess I can take a short break here and tell this:

    After I checked the Article 'Nia Honjou' in Date A Live Wiki. She implies that all spirits were formerly human, I guess we can say that it was true since SHE is the Second Spirit (Although she is not as strong as Kurumi, lol).

    I am not sure what to do right now, but I guess I have to FIX all of my articles into 'formerly human turned spirit' stuff... -_-

    Oh, is anyone aware of this fact while I am away for a long-long time, I think I am the the most un-updated user here -,-"

    (Sincerely, Reene)

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  • Reene-Chan

    Hi again everyone! The title above got nothing to do with the blog post today. (It's just a tribute to Teresa from Claymore)

    By the way, I dropped in today to say hi, I've had lack of inspiration to write lately because next year I'll have the Form 3 BIG EXAM. By the way, if anyone has noticed it, I would like to request the admin to find a New Featured Article because we are already in November.

    Just in case some of you might wonder why I write this here instead of PM, well, you see, whenever I tried to message someone, it always say "Connection to sever run out bla bla"... So, I hope you can understand.

    Bye everyone! [ I cannot wait for Christmas ( >_

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  • Reene-Chan

    Hello there again! Tomorrow will be my last examination day, so I thought today will be a good chance to pay at least a small visit.

    Last I checked the Date A Live wiki, some of the users there speculated that Kurumi or Nia (might possibly) half-inversed. Well, I got to admit that might be true;- considering how broken/powerful those two are. (Kotori being an AA-Rank not counted).

    Just that in my opinion, I secretly wish that there will be no Half-Inverse spirits form or the Admins need to change the rules again. XD...

    By the way, I'm not creating any new characters since I'm a bit stuck with Cassandra.

    Well whatever..


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  • Reene-Chan

    Hello, since this fandom is dying slowly. I'm gonna write a blog post to revive it, well, at least a little bit.

    I'm just here to share my thought of Date A Live series. Well, I speculated that all the spirits maybe once a human. If that is the case, maybe users with helluva (hell of a) amount of character need to take the time and measure to update their character.

    I hope that not all 100% things in the canon will affects the fanon-verse; since a considerable amount of pages have been created here. (Don't take me wrong, I'm just sharing my thought)

    I hope I can write a longer blog post sooner or later- since my final exam is coming in a few days. Wish for my luck and goodbye!

    "Enjoy The Day".

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