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Yugo Kasaimoto is one of main male characters in Date A Live: Heavenly Seven. He's Aika's childhood friend and commander of <Hringhorni>.

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Yugo's in his spirit form

has long red hair tied into a single braid and he has a total of four beauty marks: three under his right eye and one at his lower left lip. Yugo wears the school shirt, tie, pants and vest, but he wears a long hooded jacket over it, with boots. His pockets are always filled with all types of chocolates, cookies and candy.

In spirit form, he has horns on his head, his ear turned to from normal to pointy, and his hair grows more fiery, with his formerly single braid splitting into three braids. He wears somewhat of a cutout bodysuit, extending to his hands and ending as short shorts, with jagged cutouts at the front and back. He also gains a tattoo under his stomach. He has a red flaming fur boa attached by a black heart brooch, and wears long black boots with heels. Also his eyes turn golden.

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Angel: Samael (毒炎蛇牙 (サマエル) Dokuenjaga, lit, Venomous Flame Serpent Fang)

Weapon: Dagger

Astral Armor: Makhon (神騎霊鎧・第五 (マホン) Shinki Reigai, lit Armor of Warrior God: 5th)

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  • Yugo appearance is based on Loki Laevateinn from Kamigami no Asobi
  • He's counterpart of Itsuka Kotori.